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“A good definition of family”

As I mentioned yesterday we were able to Skype with our son Dalton and it was the happiest day ever. Today Dalton sent an email to our family and his friends and in that letter he shared something that was worth sharing – in fact he even mentions in his email that someone should quote him, so here goes a small section of his letter:

“So yesterday for me was heavenly:) I got to see the two girls I love more than anything in this whole world, and then I got to see the man I admire more than anyone else in the world too. It’s funny how even after a year of being apart, we still love each other the exact same if not more than when we parted. I think that’s a good definition of family. Family is someone you don’t need to talk to constantly to keep up the love. It’s like the love is never “on pause”, it’s just not shown, and then when you reunite it explodes until you get back to the normal level of love:) It’s not awkward or anything, it’s just like being loved by people you trust. Yeah, someone quote that or something, that was better than Dr. Phil;)”

Yes, indeed that was better than Dr. Phil, and I totally agree with Dalton.  Family is the people that love you and are always there for you, even when you can’t be together, and they are the people you can trust.  Sometimes we are blessed enough to have our blood relatives be our families, and sometimes we find family can come through adopted families or even dear friendships.  But when someone is truly family you know it, you feel it, you can trust it.  It is the biggest blessing in life.  To have people who truly love you and who see you through the good times and bad.

Dalton’s letter went on to say: “My heart is always filled to bursting point when I think of the family and friends I have who have buoyed me up when I thought I was drowning……This journey would be nothing if it weren’t for those trusted allies, those beloved companions, who join us on this great journey….. there is no greater feeling in the world, than to be loved. And I want you all to know, that I love you. Thank you for making my life so worth living, and for making every hardship less “hard”. There could be no greater joy.”

What a great reminder his letter was to treasure those who are truly our “family” members in this life.  And what a great reminder to love those special people in your life and to be that person they can trust will always love and be there for them.  There really is no better feeling than to love others and to be able to trust the love they have for you.

I LOVE MY AMAZING LITTLE FAMILY!  And I love my friends who are also my family with all my heart.  Thanks for loving me and supporting me.  Thank you for making life beautiful!  Tomorrow let’s all make sure to give loads of love to everyone who is “family” in our lives!  FAMILY ROCKS!!!


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