A Little Stink Spreads A Long Way

Late last night I was sitting on the couch trying to finish up some work when my little dog Roxy came running into the house and jumped right up on my beautiful couch in my great room. Suddenly the room began to fill with the most pungent, disgusting, putrid smell I have ever smelled – it was so thick it felt like you were choking on it! My husband jumped up and yelled at the dog “out” and chased her out into the backyard. But the smell was already there and it was spreading like wildfire throughout the air of the entire home. It permeated the couch and the carpet and the air…it was spreading its stench to every corner of our home within seconds….You guessed it, my dog had been sprayed by a skunk!!

Needless to say we had a very long sleepless night trying to open all the windows and doors, getting huge fans setup to push as much air out of the home as possible, and boiling pans of vinegar to help suck the smell of the skunk from the air. The quest to remove the smell has continued all day today as well, and while we have made huge progress we will be battling with the smell in the carpet and couch for a while to come it seems…

It is amazing that one small individual skunk could have caused such a profound stink that results in so much damage so quickly. That one skunk sprayed its stink ono my dog who then came into my house and wham…the entire home was effected.

I couldn’t help but relate this experience to the damage that the stinky actions of one negative individual can have on the lives of everyone they come in contact with. It can start by spraying their stink on just one person even, but then that person runs around spreading that stink on everything they touch as well and soon the stink has gone completely viral…permeating stink far beyond what anyone could ever imagine…

That is why it is so important for us to avoid ever being close enough to negative people to ever let them spray us with their stink! And you always have to remember that those suckers can spray quite a distance so stay way way back!!!  Trust me when I tell you that you do NOT want thier stink on you!

And now I just pray I can get the smell of skunk to come out of my gorgeous couch and carpet  🙁 ….


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