A Little Thanks Goes A LONG Way

Yesterday I wrote about something called Gratitude Deficit Disorder and I shared a few ideas on how to overcome the disorder and increase your feelings of Gratitude each day in order to become happier. The next step toward being EVEN HAPPIER is to express our gratitude to others!

“Thank You” – that is one of the most powerful phrases in the entire world. It doesn’t matter what language you say it in – it’s impact is effective everywhere in this world.

Perhaps the most important place to use that phrase is in the walls of our own home. Saying thank you to a spouse or a child does wonders for helping them feel that you appreciate them and are grateful to have them in your life. When you couple the phrase “Thank you” with something specific that you are grateful the person did it is even more powerful of a phrase. It makes it personal and incredibly meaningful to the other person. And the best part is that it encourages them to do those things for you again!

Writing a handwritten note of thanks has been shown to be one of the most appreciated gifts you can give another person. Studies have shown that these notes are more meaningful than giving someone money! And these notes end up being saved and treasured by the other person for years to come. I can attest to this myself as one of the few things I keep forever is handwritten notes from people. I even have a special box I put them in and sometimes when I am having a rough day I will get out my box and read the notes and it always helps me feel better.

I think a great mantra in life is to Feel Gratitude and Then Give It Away! And when you do your life will be doubly HAPPY!

Have a blessed day everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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