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A Night To Remember Forever

Walking into the Center Courtyard on Saturday and seeing my 132 page PowerPoint presentation I had created for the design and layout of my daughter Ashley’s wedding reception was a magical moment.  I had worked for months putting it all together and trying to plan out every little detail to make to try and create the perfect wedding celebration for my baby girl’s special day, and seeing it all come together exactly how I’d envisioned it was awesome. The best part was seeing her reaction when she and her groom saw it for the first time. Watching the look on her face and hearing her say “This is amazing” made all the hard work feel worth it.

The reception was a big success and it was so much FUN! We were surrounded by friends and family and it was such an incredible feeling to look around at this incredibly decorated courtyard at The Grand America Hotel and see the faces of all of these amazing people who came out to support me and my husband and our daughter on her special. I feel so blessed that we have such incredible people in our lives.

There were so many fun moments during the reception including the my son leading everyone in the Juicy Wiggle dance and having the DJ pass out neon lit up headphones for everyone on the dance floor to wear so they could hear the music in them and keep dancing past the typical cutoff time for music in the courtyard. It was such a blast!

I’m super excited to get the professional pictures back from the photographers of the wedding reception so I can share those high quality images with all of you, but in the meantime here are a few pics I snapped with my phone to give you a little preview of the beautiful bride and the decor for the evening (turn cell sideways to see the full pictures):


The Bride and Groom, Ashley and Alex

My son Dalton and daughter Ashley

Like I said, I’ll share the professional photos with you as soon as I get them – truly a night to remember forever!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Anonymous says:

    132 pages??? Wow! You are detail-oriented! And yes, it was so beautiful. Congratulations on an amazing night and an incredible daughter!

  • Trisha says:

    Beautiful! Wow! Matt and I were so sad to miss it! Ashley looks absolutely beautiful. We are so happy for her (and for you two!).

  • Veronica R. de Almeida says:

    I knew this was going to be epic! Best day ever! (Her mission President is going to be my neighbor here in the Philippines. What a small world!)

  • Jen Sampson says:

    It was amazing. Ashley looked stunning and it was so good to meet her husband. Ashley is full of life and we are excited to see what is in her future. Great job mom.

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