A Powerful Story About Peace On Earth

One of the most powerful and touching real-life Christmas stories is the story of the events that took place in December 1914, during World War I.  It was Christmas Eve and the German and British troops were out on the battlefield down in the trenches.  Then suddenly in the dark of night the British soldiers could hear the German soldiers singing Silent Night. The British soldiers joined in and they sang Christmas carols to each other across the lines.

When morning light came the next morning some German soldiers came out of the trenches and started walking toward the Allied lines through no-man’s-land yelling out “Merry Christmas”. They called out the greeting in the native tongue of their enemies. The British soldiers were fearful it may be some sort of trick when they saw that the German soldiers weren’t armed they too laid down their guns and climbed out of their trenches and walked toward the enemy soldiers. As they met in the middle they began shaking hands and introduced themselves, one to another.

They spent that Christmas Day together in peace. They played a game of soccer together and they even exchanged gifts with one another of things like cigarettes and plum pudding. They sang more carols together until night fell and then they both returned to their own trenches.

The next morning the war once again continued, but for that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there was peace…

Watch this quick video that depicts the events that occurred that Christmas…it’s hard not to feel emotional when you watch it…

What a testament this story is to the power of the Christmas spirit.  How wonderful life would be if we could extend that type of love and grace all year long.

Have a beautiful day!

~Amy Rees Anderson

PS. When I first saw the above video I had no idea it was done as an ad, but I have to say that I am glad I didn’t know that when I watched it because I was able to watch it for the value of the story being told and the events being depicted and I was genuinely touched by it.


  • Jane says:

    Many years ago, I watched an old movie that was produced about that story. It was all woven into the movie and was very touching. I was crying and wishing that war could be gone just like that and not returned to. When the Prince of Peace returns we will have peace on Earth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love it…. this is a very powerful story. ..I really like it. …our army 24/7 work for us to protect us from enyme. ….In this way they separate form their family. They unable to celebrate any festival with their family becaz of us.

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