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Adventure Is Out There

This past week has been one big adventure in my life and after a week of numerous public speaking engagements, several board meetings, two black tie events, and hardly any sleep, I just got home. It’s near midnight and I still need to prepare a powerpoint presentation for another speech I am giving tomorrow morning at a University and I still need need to write my blog…yikes!  So imagine my joy when I got a text as I came in the door from my 24 yr old son Dalton saying “Check your email” which led me to discover he’d written a blog post for me tonight because he knew I was totally and utterly exhausted… #blessed So enjoy tonight’s post courtesy of Dalton Anderson (aka the best son ever!):

Adventure Is Out There

I present a challenge to all who are brave enough to accept. Next week, take a different route during your daily routine than you normally would. That’s the challenge. Easy right? Here’s why. It’s common practice to create a daily ritual as we go about our routine business. I’m no scientist, but I believe it’s because we already experience a lot of foreign and challenging experiences on a regular basis that we need to create a feeling of normalcy in order to handle whatever life throws at us. Think about the route you take to get to work each day. I’m guessing the same everyday, and that you can even predict where the traffic is, when the lights turn green, and you’re probably convinced you’ve found the “fastest” route. It’s common to buy groceries from the same store, sit in the same spot for school or church, and even go to the same place for an annual vacation. These traditions and routines aren’t a bad thing; I myself am known to eat at the same restaurant in Snowville, Utah every time I drive to Idaho to visit family, so I’m not attacking or passing judgments about routines and traditions.

It’s important to incorporate some adventure into the days and weeks. I find myself in ruts too often, where it feels like nothing exciting is happening and I want life to shower me with adventure. I’m young, but I know that’s not how it works. I’ve found that you can create your own mini-adventures by simply switching minor routines. It’s less noticeable if the change is taking a right at the stop sign to get home rather than going straight, but it’s still a change. I like to switch it up and rely completely on public transportation for a day. That’s bound to provide some adventure. I’ve missed trains, chased down buses, and even had to “tram-hop” my way to my destination by using junction points to make it to the right place. I’ve also opted to walk a few miles home rather than find a ride, just for the experience of walking a route I’d normally drive. Even though it’s only small changes, I feel like I’m having an entirely new experience and trying new things, and I get a nice dopamine boost.

The challenge is simple:  Take an altered route in your daily routine, whether it’s driving a different way, or using a varied transportation method, or even shopping somewhere else just to give it a try. Experiment until you feel like you’re having a new experience. The goal is to be able to achieve the same objective through new means. Doing this will help you see in the world through a new lens, giving you fresh perspective. Maybe it won’t change a thing and instead you should really consider something drastic like sky diving or deep sea spear fishing. But hopefully what this activity does is create an opportunity to get slightly out of your comfort zone, all the while getting a different taste of regular life. I apply this little game to a lot of my daily routines, like changing the way I get ready in the morning, the activities I do in my spare time— and my personal favorite— how I get to and from work each day. The point is, make an adventure of your life, and do it by creating opportunities wherever you can. In the words of Ellie Frederickson, “Adventure is out there!”    (post by Dalton Anderson, filling in for his Mom 🙂 ).

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson



  • Jane says:

    I see your point Dalton and it’s good advice to switch things up, and not just occasionally, but often. I’m thankful for the mindless and mundane though. We can’t always be ‘on’. We need the comfort of the familiar too. Variety and moderation is a good balance. You are an awesome son. Your mom and you are cut from the same cloth.

  • Julie Lewis says:

    Love it! Such great advice!

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