Advice to Pass On To Every Young Woman You Know

I came across an article written by a woman named Patricia Davis in which she had put together a list of advice of all the things she wanted to pass on to younger women.  I think her advice is amazing and we should share her advice with every young woman we know, whether its a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, a neighbor, or a friend.  Here is her advice:

1. You are at least ten times prettier than you think you are. That holds true no matter how pretty you already think you are! Don’t believe me? Ask your mother/auntie/grannie if she thought she was pretty when she was twenty. She’ll say no. Then find a photo of her at that age. See what I mean?

2. The only thing you should be faking is confidence. If you don’t have it yet, pretend you do. In every new situation, pretend you’re not nervous, pretend you’re not afraid. After a few times doing this, the pretend part disappears.

3. Want to try something new like painting, skiing, running your own business? Go to the library and borrow ten different books on the subject. Skim through them all, find the ones that have the most vital information and study them. Then see number 2.

4. No matter how old you get, remember what it was like to be a nine-year old girl. Remember the feeling of freedom. If you’ve already forgotten, do a cartwheel. You can so still do one. Savor that feeling. Wake up with it every day. You’ll stay young until the day you die.

5. In the same vein, cut or potted flowers are never a waste of money. Because every time we glance at them, they remind us how much beauty there can be in the world.

6. Speaking of money, starting right this moment, whether you’re twenty or sixty, you can change your finances around. Don’t leave someone else completely in charge, whether it’s your husband, partner, parents, or banker. Become financially savvy. Financial independence gives you the freedom to walk away from many bad situations. How do you know you’re in bad situation? See number seven.

7. If your stomach hurts and you haven’t got a virus, you’re in a bad situation. Before you know what it is, your stomach always does. Give yourself some time to ponder what it might be that’s making your stomach hurt. Chances are you already do know, you just don’t want to believe it, for some reason. You can ignore advice from your friends, even your own brain, but you can’t ignore your stomach, because the stomach never lies.

8. When meeting someone new and he or she seems to be behaving like a jerk, show compassion first. If after you display your sincere compassion, they are still acting like a jerk, walk away. If they follow you, call the police.

9. Wear sunscreen on your face, neck, and hands every day, winter and summer. I don’t care how dark your skin naturally is. Wear it. You’ll remember me when you look in the mirror at age fifty. Always keep in mind that Your body is directly connected to your spirit. Look after your body. Exercise, floss, and brush your teeth. Put nothing in your body that can permanently harm your spirit.

10. And when you find a man and he’s the right man…meaning your stomach doesn’t hurt, he’s smiling at you, he knows your name, he treats you kind, he shows you respect  – enjoy it!  I promise he is not at all thinking about how fat your thighs look.

What brilliant advice Patricia gives!  Be sure to pass it on to the young women in your life.  Heck, even us old ladies could benefit from her advice :).  Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  • Patricia V. Davis says:

    Good morning, Amy! My name is Patricia V. Davis and I’m the author of this blog post. How wonderful that you enjoyed it, posted it and included my name. (BTW- I’m not a stalker—since I am a writer Google lets me know whenever someone has posted my work.) This blog post became an advice book for wome in 2011. An agent liked it as much as you did and he asked me to write a fuller version of it. FYI- It’s called “The Diva Doctrine: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know” With warm regards and best wishes for a happy new year, Patricia

  • ARAadmin says:

    Patricia – THANK YOU so much for writing such an excellent advice letter to young women! Truly inspiring! I can’t wait to get your book and read it! Thanks again!! ~Amy

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