After The Game The King And The Pawn Go Into The Same Box

Last week I had a crazy schedule – My week started with a podcast interview, then I judged a business competition,  I flew from Utah out to Burbank California for an investment meeting and then I flew from California out to Chicago for a business conference and then I had to hustle to get back to Utah to host an event over the weekend. And I wish I could say my week ahead was going to be a little less crazy but given that I speak at a University tomorrow, judge a business competition at another University on Tuesday, and then judge a young entrepreneurs event on Wednesday, it is looking like that won’t be the case.

As I was flying back to Utah late Friday night my husband challenged me to a chess tournament on the plane ride to try and help me disengage from my stress over all the to-do’s that were racing through my mind.  As we were playing the game and I was staring at the chess pieces on the board the following quote came into my mind:

“After the game the king and the pawn go into the same box.” – Italian Proverb

As much as those chess pieces each play a completely different role in the game, when the game is over they all go back into the box the very same.  And what a great reminder that is as it brings to light the reason there should be no room for arrogance in this life regardless of one’s title or station. Sure we may all play very different roles from one another in this life- some may have positions of royalty, or political power, or educational degrees, or religious leadership positions, while others may not have titles or power or status of any kind. But at the end of the day we are all human beings who were born, are living, and will someday die – and we are all equally important to God regardless of the role we might be called upon to play during our time on this earth.

We should never let our own ego allow us to believe we are better than anyone else – Different than, yes – Better than, never.

Have a glorious start to the week!

~Amy Rees Anderson



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