“All great changes are preceded by chaos”

Chaos is exactly the word I would use to describe my surroundings right now, so when I heard the quote by Deepak Chopra “All great changes are preceded by chaos” I knew exactly where the chaos was leading as this weekend will be one of great change for my family as we come to the final moments before my only son becomes a married man.

Now let’s get back to talking about the chaos – So I come from a family of ten children and in the last twenty years we have only gotten all ten of us kids together one time and that was for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary six years ago. We all live in different areas of the country so it is tough to get us all together, but this week all ten Rees kids have flown to town to stay for my son’s wedding. Not only that but my husband Rollin’s parents and a few of his siblings have also come to stay as well. And then we have son’s fiancé’s family that has arrived today with 9 of their ten family members, so this week we are truly giving new meaning to the term “Full House”.  And trust me when I say that if you were to spend even one minute here at our house with everyone that has come to visit you would know exactly what chaos really looks like. And I just have to say that I LOVE IT!

I truly love having all our family around us to celebrate such a special time. I love that so many people have traveled to town to show their love and support. What a blessing it is! Now I just hope everything will come together exactly the way I planned….yikes!

But I have to take solace in knowing that I have done absolutely everything in my power to pull everything together. I have spent the last few months living and breathing wedding planning. I have created incredibly elaborate Excel spreadsheets laying every little detail out. I have created PowerPoints that give a visual of exactly how everything is supposed to look. I have made schedules for every vendor and family member involved. I have completed every checklist. I have truly done everything in my power to bring organization to the insanity and chaos. And now all I can do is sit back, take a deep breath, try to relax and enjoy being in the moment and taking everything in as it happens.

There is a certain comfort that comes in knowing you have done your best, you have given 100% and done everything you can do. There’s no guarantee that everything is going to go perfect just because you did your part, but once have you done all you can you have to be willing to turn the rest over to God and leave it in His capable hands trusting everything will go as it should. Look I admit that it is scary to do that sometimes, but the reality is that it is truly all you really can do. You can’t control the outcomes, you can only control your efforts, so focus on those, and then sit back and breathe…and try to enjoy the moment.

Just like the quote says, “All great changes are preceded by chaos”. Great changes are exactly what is happening for us this weekend…And our lives will be forever better because of it. So I send my congratulations and love to Dalton and Alexis as they become husband and wife this weekend! I love you both dearly and I am proud of you!

Have a blessed weekend everyone! Enjoy the chaos and know it is leading you somewhere GREAT!



  • Katie says:

    Congratulations Amy & Family 🙂 All the Best!!

  • Idris says:

    Dear Amy,
    I am writing you from Abuja-Nigeria, after reading your 2013 piece on Forbes titled “Good Leaders Are Invaluable To A Company. Bad Leaders Will Destroy It” I gained a lot reading it, especially your definition of a successful business. I manage an NGO and doing a course on “Leadership and Entrepreneurship”.
    I “wandered” to your blog and read about your son’s wedding holding today and yet I learned a lot reading “All great changes are preceded by chaos”.
    Here is wishing your son and spouse a blissful married life by His grace….Your parents did their 50th… I pray they do too by His grace.

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