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Always Act Like You Are Wearing An Invisible Crown

I love that! Maybe because I am a girl and every little girl is born thinking she is a princess, so the crown just seems natural to us 🙂

Today was my daughter Ashley’s farewell talk that she gave in our church meeting in preparation to leave on her mission. The subject of her talk was how living a righteous life gives us confidence. She did an amazing job and I wish I could have written fast enough to share every word of her talk. But she talks as fast as her mama does and just about nobody can write that fast! But I will share a little of the overall message with you because I think it applies to all of our lives and can help each of us to feel more self-confident.

She talked about the fact that confidence, true confidence, is something that comes from within. It comes from living our lives in accordance with our own belief system. It comes from living with integrity. When we do the right things in life we have an inner peace that helps us to feel more confident and secure. And when we can get on our knees at the end of the day and feel that God is proud of us for how we behaved that day we will feel more confident and at peace with ourselves and that is a priceless feeling.

I am proud of my daughter. She is someone who truly does live her life by her values, even when it isn’t easy. I admire her courage and confidence so much because it comes from a place deep within and its not tied to anything exterior. No doubt she is drop dead gorgeous, but that is not what makes her confident and everyone that knows her recognizes that she doesn’t place importance on her exterior. Rather, she is confident because she tries to live her life by her beliefs and she strives each day to make her Heavenly Father proud of her. The confidence she has because of that radiates and it draws people to her. She is admired by all that know her and I couldn’t be prouder of her than I am. She is my hero and frankly I want to be like her when I grow up 🙂

Going back to the crown, I personally believe that each of us is born as the spirit child of a Heavenly King (our Heavenly Father) so by divine birthright that makes us royalty. Each of us are princes and princesses by birthright with the potential to someday become Heavenly Kings and Queens ourselves. So it makes sense that we should walk around each day with our invisible crowns on our head! And may we act appropriately like the royalty that we are!!!

Have a great day everyone!



  • Shannon Hamilton says:

    Ashley is amazing. Tell her we love her and are sorry we missed her farewell. We never got the memo. She will be an amazing missionary! No doubt about that at all! Send her our love!

  • Princess Shontail says:

    I stumbled across your blogs because I have an assignment to my 10 and 12 year old daughters to look up the word integrity and write an essay to include examples. Well, I believe that my participation would show my ladies the extremely importance of the matter and when I searched” integrity” your article caught my wise eye. And I believe this article is a beautiful help mate.

    I would love to gift my little ladies with a plaque like you have in your office that they could hang in there locker and room.

    I will be sharing your blogs on integrity and royalty with our youth group at church because they are phenomenal!

    Thank you Amy and God Bless you and your family.

  • Amy says:

    Did I miss the post where you announced her mission call? I was dying from anticipation

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