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Always Share What You Believe In!

For so many years we have had it pounded into us that sharing our religious beliefs is considered “off-limits” or “taboo” especially in the workplace.  For years I myself was afraid to say anything about my own religious beliefs at work because I certainly didn’t want to ever do anything inappropriate or offensive to anyone else.  Then one day, many years ago a dear friend and mentor of mine sat me down and gave me some advice – Always share what you believe in!  He expressed that everyone should feel comfortable sharing their beliefs, even in a work setting, so long as it is done in a respectful way that doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s rights to believe what they believe.  He let me know that it was okay and it was like having the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders.  Suddenly I felt confident in letting everyone in the company know that I believed in God.  That I was a Christian.  That I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  And it was such a relief because so often my choices as the leader of the company came from the core values that I believed in and now I could explain that to people in an open and honest way.  And it was amazing!  Not once did I have an employee complain about my sharing my beliefs with them (at least not that I knew about), and the coolest part was that other people in the company began sharing their own beliefs in God, or the Universe, or Mother Nature, or whatever they happened to believe in and it was AMAZING!  It bonded the employees in a different type of way that went deeper than work…it brought a level of spirituality into the workplace and we were blessed because of it.  I loved learning about other people’s beliefs and religions. I find it fascinating and I love to recognize the similarities between the differing religions as it becomes very clear that many religions stemmed from the same initial roots that branched out into differing versions that changed with time and customs of their own lands.

Perhaps my interest stemmed from having a mother who spent her life’s work studying the Bible and the Tribes of Israel and how they disseminated all over the world.  She then studied the different history and myths and legends from different lands and how they tied back to the tribes of Israel.  Her book was published after 40 years of researching!  It is called Ye Have Been Hid and is available on amazon at .  The first half of her book explains the Bible teachings on the tribes, and then the second half (which I LOVE) goes into the tribes spreading to different lands such as England, China, India, Japan, etc and it is so fascinating to see how the beliefs stemmed from common roots but then changed with time and customs.

There are common threads amongst all of us to be found when we share and listen with an open heart and a desire to learn from one another.  I believe that religion should always be a positive influence that promotes acceptance and love and brings people together.  It makes me sad to see how some people (typically those out for selfish purposes masked by religion) have twisted religion around to use it as a negative tool to try and break people apart or drive wedges between them.  That is never okay.

Anyway, my point today is to encourage all of you to share your beliefs every opportunity you get.  Even at work!  And be excited to hear and learn about other people’s beliefs as well.  I recently made a new friend who I have only met via emails, but who I have been very excited to interact with about our religious beliefs.  My interactions with her and the friendship it has formed for she and I to share our beliefs with one another inspired me to encourage all of you to not be shy about sharing your beliefs with those around you, and always be willing to learn the beliefs of others. Whether you agree or disagree, you will both come away having a better understanding of one another and you will be a wiser person for having opened your heart.

Have a blessed day today!  And anyone who wants to post a comment sharing your beliefs on today’s blog would be AWESOME!  I would love to learn from each of you!!  Please do!



  • Jeff Uphues says:


    Great post and couldn’t agree more. Your comments are very timely as this past week our Pastor Andy Stanley @ North Point Church ( in Alpharetta GA discussed “how do you know what christians wear” in his latest series named “Follow”. How you know is by what he referred to as CHK FLK PG. This stands for Compassion, Humility, Kindness, Forgiveness, Love, Kindness, Patience & Gentleness.

    Servant Leadership is about what you wear and what you bring every day. As a leader of approximately 450 sales people across 17 offices in the US I can tell you first hand that leading in a CHK FLK PG way is impactful beyond belief.

    Thanks again for your posts and your leadership insights. Great stuff.


  • Tee Jay says:

    I recently left the LDS church and discovered Christ by studying the Bible and attending services at South Mountain Community Church in Draper. It’s been amazing and I have a newfound freedom not only in Christ and what has already been DONE for us, but also in sharing that difference with others.

  • Jeff Flamm says:


    I love to get to know all about the people I meet. Having respect for their beliefs and values helps you enter their space and become lifelong friends.
    Ron Gunnell and I started Health Benefits America (HBA) in 1986. 10 years later we had over 100 Fortune 500 Clients. When we hosted Health Care Symposiums in Salt Lake, we always made guests aware of the Visitors Center at Temple Square, The Family History Center, and The Tabernacle Choir. Most of our guests took us up on the offer, and almost always had a great experience and a much better understanding of Utah History and what Mormons believe. I never had one person seem offended, and we never lost clients.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Jeff Flamm
    CEO Infinite Mind
    Partner RiverPark

  • Lex de Azevedo says:

    Wonderful post, Amy. For years, while working in music in the studios in Hollywood, I had frequent occasion to discuss personal beliefs with many, including “luminaries” such as Sonny & Cher, Michael Jackson, Angie Dickenson, Dick Van Dyke, to name few. If there was an agenda, it was just to know, really know another person. While I encountered wildly divergent beliefs, deep and meaningful relationships were forged. The enemy to building relationships, of course, is “needing to be right” in your belief.

  • Charlie says:

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  • Maribel says:

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