An Ice Cream Coma and a Lesson Learned

I am in New York City this week to attend the Women Moving Millions Conference, a conference to bring together charities which focus on helping women succeed.  The conference was assembled to allow these charities to discuss best practices and share ideas of what things are the most effective to help women.  I am here in New York tonight with my admin Andrea and my business partner Shani, both of whom help me with the IPOP Foundation, the charity my husband and I started back when I sold my company in 2012.

After walking around New York for some time today we decided to stop and grab dinner.  We were starving after all the walking we had done.  The experience I am going to share next taught us a very valuable lesson tonight, and I decided to share it with all of you in the hopes that you can learn from our mistakes and not have to go through it yourself.  Let me explain:

It all seemed like a good idea at the time.   We ordered the Quattro Cookie Sundae at Planet Hollywood in Time Square tonight for dessert, only to have a GINORMOUS ice cream sundae that was big enough to feed a small village delivered to our table, along with a hot fudge brownie sundae and a vanilla milkshake.  Perhaps we should have been deterred by the shocked faces of the other patrons in the restaurant, but the draw of the hot fudge, extra caramel and whipped cream was just too powerful to resist.  So we grabbed our spoons and dug in to the literal mountain of ice cream, cookies, and toppings…and we dug…and we dug…and we dug….until that mountain became nothing more than streaks at the bottom of the ginormous dish.  As we shoveled each bite into our mouths we all proclaimed how unbelievably amazing it tasted, how it was such a good idea to order these desserts, and how heavenly each bite tasted.  For that moment, all was well with the world…..but only for about two more minutes until the weight (and I mean literal weight) of what we had just eaten hit us.  We couldn’t stand up…we couldn’t move…we were literally slipping into an ice cream coma.  In fact I am fairly certain we started to see a light at some point…”don’t go into the light” we had to tell each other…

Yes, it may have seemed like a good idea at the time.  But the fact is that we all knew better going into it.  It didn’t take a genius to look at this 5 pound bowl of ice cream and know that putting all of it into our mouths would be a bad idea.  We all knew better, but we did it anyway…all the time telling ourselves how worth it that it was….until it was over….and then….let’s just say, SO NOT WORTH IT!

In life we know what is smart behavior and what is not, yet often times we tell ourselves “this is totally worth it”, even though deep down we know dang well that we will regret it later…yet we do it anyway, pushing the consequences out of our minds…..which is all well and good until you start slipping into that ice cream coma…sure, some of us may be lucky enough to avoid going into the light, but others are not so lucky, and the risk just isn’t worth taking.  Trust me – that is coming from the girl that can barely see straight to type this blog tonight because her vision is blurred and her stomach is killing her and her head is pounding from a sugar overload!  Not to mention the fact that I didn’t pack any pants with an elastic waist on them so fitting into my clothes tomorrow will take a literal miracle.

Like I said, trust me, when you know something is a dumb idea – DON’T DO IT!

Have a great day tomorrow!  Steer clear of situations that will cause you to go into an ice cream coma!

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