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And Then Suddenly, Just Like That, It’s Over And Back to Normal Life

Whenever you have a big event to throw, whether it’s a party, or a trip, or a holiday, or a wedding, you spend months and months of time preparing and planning and getting everything ready for the big day, and then suddenly, just like that, it’s over and back to normal life.

Following my daughter’s wedding Saturday, we invited my extended family to all come over to spend the afternoon and have dinner together at my house before some of my siblings had to fly back to their homes again today. So there hasn’t been a moment of down time for us yet and right after we said goodbye to the last family members who had been staying with us we had to rush out to go to a dear friend’s 60th birthday party tonight.  We just walked in the door from that and it suddenly hit me that these huge events I’ve worked so hard on for the last several months, both the big Europe trip with the UVU Board and the big wedding reception for my daughter, are over…

I definitely need a few days to recover from the many months of sleep deprivation, the mental and physical exhaustion of all the planning and execution, the emotional drain that comes with having your my baby get married, and the sadness of having to say goodbye to my siblings who were here visiting us for the wedding. To say I am tired wouldn’t quite explain how worn out I feel…I can’t wait to finish posting my blog tonight so I can collapse into my bed to get some much needed sleep.

It’s always hard when suddenly something big comes to an end. There is always that little feeling of shell-shock whenever something big comes to an end. But with each ending comes another beginning and I am looking forward to what life has in store for us next…. But only after I’ve gotten some rest, had a little relaxation, and gotten a good night’s sleep!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Norm Wright says:

    You are amazing, Amy! This has certainly been a marathon at the pace of a sprint the last few months. Enjoy a well-deserved rest.

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