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Appreciate Our Differences

The world would be a genuinely boring place if all of us were the exact same – if we liked the exact same things, wore the exact same clothes, liked the exact same music, played the exact same sport, had the same talents.   Don’t you agree?

Yet we often spend time judging people precisely for being different when we should be celebrating the differences we each bring to the table.

I received a letter today from my son Dalton (who is out serving a mission for the LDS Church in Mississippi).  In the letter he shared thoughts on this very subject that I felt were perfect to share with all of you:

“A lesson I’ve learned and I’m continuing to learn: Never judge someone because they don’t have the same passion as you. If we all had the same passion about basketball as the next guy, there would be no need for the players, the fans, the announcers, any of it. Cause it wouldn’t be cool. If we all cared, then there wouldn’t be a point. Same with fashion. Or wakeboarding. Or snowboarding. Or golf. Cause I really don’t like golf. It’s like… dude… give me a piece of dynamite, cause I can shoot that ball a lot farther with that than with a golf club that’s all I’m saying.  Much love to everyone, no matter what your passion is.”

What a great message and a great reminder!  A little bit of silliness on the golf comments, but his overall message is exactly right – we shouldn’t judge others for being different than we are because it’s those differences that make the world amazing and wonderful.  It’s those differences that make all our little individual puzzle pieces fit into one beautiful picture.  And if we could all start to appreciate those differences and celebrate those differences our word would be a much nicer place.

After all, some of us are oranges, some are bananas, some are apples and some are grapes, but together we make a dang good fruit salad!  So bust out the whipped cream and enjoy 🙂

I will leave you with this great quote:

“Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate.  We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another.”  -Desmond Tutu

Have a great day everyone!  Go appreciate our differences 🙂


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