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Attention all Men: Never Let Your Wife’s Car Run Out of Gas!

So it started like this:  I was leaving the house early the other morning in the middle of that terrible snowstorm.  The roads were horrendous and it was freezing outside.  I had an appointment clear on the other side of town, and then I had to head to the opposite side of town for a second meeting, and then back to my office for a third meeting.  As I started on the freeway to meeting #1 I called my husband to tell him that the yellow gas light had just come on in my car, letting me know it was close to empty. Of course, my husband had driven my car last and he had left me with an empty tank (which of course is listed at the top of the husband mistakes never to make list!) .  He answered the phone and said, “Huh, I didn’t know it was low on gas when I drove it last, but I am SURE you will have plenty of gas to make it to your meetings and back as it can go for a really long time on empty.”  “Are you positive?”, I asked.  “You will be fine”, he answered.  And so, trusting my dear, sweet, reliable husband (who has the nickname of MacGyver by all who are familiar with his mad skillz for handling every situation that comes up with nothing more than duct tape and a hanger, so of course I can trust him), I didn’t worry about it and continued on to my meeting #1.  That meeting finished and I rushed to meeting #2’s location.  All the while drinking a mega big gulp of diet coke (yeah, you know the one that is now outlawed in New York…ya, that’s the one…don’t you judge me 🙂 ).  So about now I was dying to find a restroom for a potty stop, but I was late to meeting #2 and decided to go straight in and my bathroom break would just have to wait. Once meeting #2 ended I was running late again now for meeting #3 back at my office. I figured I would just drive as quick as I could and wait to make my potty stop til I was back in my office.  So I jumped on the freeway and headed back.  My car started making funny sounds on the freeway….oh, no…now remember that the roads were terrible and traffic was a nightmare, so the situation was already a little stressful without my car making crazy noises.  I got off on my freeway exit and the car started to sputter…you have got to be kidding me!…That’s right…you guessed it…my car died right there and I barely was able to pull over to the shoulder of the road as it came to a complete stop.  Cars had to swerve not to hit me as I pulled to the side.  My first thought was “I could have died if my car had stopped like this on the freeway!”  My second thought was “Rollin (my husband) is in so much freaking trouble right now!”  At this point I was stuck on the side of the road – keep in mind that I had needed a potty stop several meetings ago and that big gulp was going to make an exit weather I was ready or not, which only added to my frustration of being stuck there – and to make matters worse I call Rollin and tell him I am out of gas and he says in a very casual, relaxed tone of voice “Oh, huh, how far did you make it?” (which of course saying that after leaving your wife’s car on empty and after reassuring her that it would make it just fine is also listed toward the top of the husband mistakes never to make list!)  I was ready to seriously jump through that phone at that point but I was too busy focusing on doing my potty dance to do much else.  So here I was, car out of gas, desperately needing a potty stop, and unable to figure out how to turn on the hazard lights on my Range Rover (what… I have never actually needed those hazard lights before and clearly I have never read the car manual on how to use them as the manual came with absolutely no pictures in it…who wants to read a manual with no pictures…I mean, seriously!…) .    So yeah, at this point I call one of my partners from REES Capital who has to go and get a gas can from the nearest gas station and drive it over to me on the side of the road to fill up just enough gas for me to drive over to the station to fill up my tank.  While he is filling up my tank on the side of the road my cell phone rings and it’s Rollin.  “Hey, babe, do you want me to come and take your car to get gas?”  ARGGGHHHHH!

Long story short, Rollin had a very pleasant night sleeping on our couch last night…okay, just kidding, but he probably should have….so in all seriousness husbands out there reading this, I urge all of you to please – o – please, NEVER, and I do mean Never, let your wife’s car run out of gas!  And if you do just keep in mind that no amount of duct tape and hangers will help get you out of the trouble you will be in with your wife!  Mistakes like that call for diamonds and several pair of really cute shoes 🙂

Have a great day Wednesday and don’t forget to check your cars gas tank before you head out!  You’re welcome!



  • kim says:

    Too Funny !!!
    I also find this to be the case in the potty when it is my turn to use it….I am always greeted with an empty roll!!!! :)I am beginning to wonder if maybe that is on some list in heaven of “Things wives and mothers will ALWAYS be responsible for” or at lease LEFT to be responsible for. 🙂 or maybe just a caution to look for.

  • Bradley says:

    Hmmmm…Amy, I think I will drive my Wife to work today……YIKES….lol!! Maybe it’s time for one of those cars that have both electric and gas, Rollin??? Have a better day Amy.

  • Bruna Brown says:

    Tragic but funny…hahaha

  • Flim says:

    The feminists never did manage to get that “filling up the gas tank” movement going. Don’t you feel helpless that you essentially can’t drive the car without your husband enabling you? Be independent and fill the tank yourself.

  • Mike says:

    On the other had, I get into trouble when my wife’s car runs out gas (about once every 4 months) and I never drive her car. I have my own car for errands and whatnot (I’m retired).
    How hard is it to look at the gas gauge every day.

    • WHS says:

      I’m sleeping on the couch tonight because my wife allowed her car to run almost completely out of gas for the 50th or so time and just because I get behind the wheel for a few miles and do t fill it up I’m inconsiderate. What with out women these days.

  • Your Husband says:

    Read gauge, it’s there for a reason. If it’s low, go fill up!

  • Joe says:

    “Once meeting #2 ended I was running late again now for meeting #3 back at my office. I figured I would just drive as quick as I could and wait to make my potty stop til I was back in my office.”

    Bingo, if you had been driving more efficiently you probably would have just barely made it to the office, maybe you would have had to grab a gas can afterwards but I’m fairly certain you would have made it. It also doesn’t help that you were driving a gas chugging land rover with, I’m guessing because a lot of land rovers come equipped with, a v8.

    There’s a product called “Spare Fuel” which is non-flammable and completely safe to keep in your vehicle at all times. Although this product is supposed to be safe for your engine I ain’t buying it so I would use it sparingly, use fuel injector cleaner and fill your tank with your usual grade after using it.

    To maximize fuel efficiency your fuel filter should be replaced once per year, maybe 2 years, depending on how dirty and/or stale the gas you usually get is.

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