Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Snow mixed with wet wind = I’m FREEZING!  I have to say that I am not much of a snow girl only because I just can’t stand to be cold.  My husband and I have a constant battle over the temperature in our house – I want the temperature turned WAY up and my husband wants it turned way down…brrrrr…  Heat people…I need heat!

All this cold weather has reminded me that I know of the perfect Christmas idea to give to all of you.  Consider this idea a little early Christmas give from me to you :).  So here it is:

For those of you who are like me and want to stay warm and cozy, or for you men out there looking to buy your wife the absolutely PERFECT Christmas gift this year, I have an awesome recommendation!  It is called Jummin Jammerz!  Everyone is familiar with those cute little fuzzy baby zipper blanket – you know, the ones with those footies built in.  Well guess what?!?  They now have them for Grown-Ups!  I know…right!!!  Totally exciting!  They are the perfect pajamas.  Could it get any better than that??  The answer is yes because in case you men were feeling a little jealous, they don’t just make a great gift for your wife, they also happen to come in styles just for men as well!  You can even get matching zipper blankets for the two of you.   Imagine how sexy that family Christmas photo could be to send out to your friends and loved ones.   But wait…it gets even better…they even have one for the family dog :).  Check them out for yourself!  They have a ton of cute prints to choose from:

JumpinJammerz just for her

or the matching couples pair

 You can order your sweet zipper blanket today at .  And make sure to check out their new hoodie option and their drop seat option…fabulous, just fabulous.    For the record, my husband HATES my jummpin jammerz, but I LOVE them and we all know the saying “Happy wife, happy life.”  So go ahead fellas – make the cold little woman happy 🙂

If you are still not willing to fully convert to the sweet pajamas I suggested, you can always dip your toe into the water by getting your loved one a Snuggie blanket or the Slanket.  Not quite as cool as the jumpin jammerz, but still nice on a cold day.  And don’t forget to buy the old school heating blanket for the master bed.  You can get one that is only big enough for one person to use it and that allows the wife to stay warm while the husband stays cool…I call this gift the compromise. 

There is one (and only  one) good thing about cold weather and that is the chance it creates for you to snuggle up in front of a fireplace with a nice mug of hot cocoa.  My personal favorite is Stephen’s Raspberry Chocolate Hot Cocoa, especially when you add a huge dollop of whip cream that you squirt from the can…mmmm…yummy…

So here is hoping that all of you can climb into your warm fuzzy zipper blanket with the built in footies, and snuggle up in front of the fireplace with the ones you love, and enjoy your nice warm cocoa…just don’t forget the whip cream!  Gotta have the whip cream…

Have a warm and wonderful Tuesday everyone!


  • Cathy Garvey says:

    For that reason we packed our bag and landed in HK
    for Christmas. However the rate of those hotels make you heart goes cold it was so expensive! Still got Chinese New Year celebration to come, how you just to wish sleep well at that price. British-Chinese regardless.

  • Brittany says:

    Bahahah I love it! I absolutely love it! I must have one!

    Thanks for the fun post. I’ll be sure to refer my husband to this post tonight! 🙂

  • kim says:

    holy cow thanks for the ideas. I always loved the pajama’s like that.

  • Bradley says:

    Thanks Amy……certainly much cheaper than that diamond tennis bracelet I was going to give!!

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