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Be The Kind Of Person Who Faces Life’s Challenges Rather Than Dodging Them

“Be the kind of person who dares to face life’s challenges and overcome them rather than dodging them.” – Roy T. Bennett

On the surface it may seem easy to dodge problems, to ignore them and hope they will go away, or sweep them under the rug and hope no one notices they are there…and it’s true that for a time pretending the problem isn’t there may make life easier…but what isn’t addressed only grows… 

Mold in the back of a closet may be hidden, but unaddressed mold will spread and grow quickly and the next thing you know it has damaged the health of all the people living in the house.  One apple rotting in a barrel can be easily covered up by placing healthy apples on top of it, but covering it up doesn’t keep that rotten apple from emitting gases that will be absorbed by the rest.  While that bad apple may be visibly hidden, the decay is still spreading to all the other apples in the barrel.

Facing challenges isn’t easy – in fact it can be downright unpleasant.  But not facing challenges allows them to grow and spread and with that the decay and the damage will only worsen with time.  What may have started as something small enough to sweep under the rug ends up growing into something so large and out of control that ends up on display for the world to see.

Standing up to the bad guys, admitting your own mistakes or weaknesses, facing life’s challenges, whatever they may be – is worth it!  Because the payoff of doing so is the strength you will feel from knowing you had the courage to take it on; the confidence that will come from knowing you were willing to stand for what’s right; the respect and trust of those good people who saw you were willing to uphold your values; and most of all, the inner peace you’ll feel from knowing you acted with integrity.  #worthit

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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  • Josh Cohen says:

    What are some examples of professional, respectful, effective ways to confront/face life’s challenges. Any tactics come to mind that have worked for you?

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