Brain Fry, Headaches, and Exhausted Guardian Angels

“I have a theory about the human mind. A brain is a lot like a computer. It will only take so many facts, and then it will go on overload and blow up.”  – Erma Bombeck

Do you ever come to the end of an exceptionally long day and feel like your head is going to explode? Yeah…that’s how I feel today.

I seriously wish that when we reached the point of overload from having processed far too much info to even make sense of it anymore during the day that we could simply stick a “Temporarily Out of Order” sign to our foreheads! Wouldn’t that be awesome if we could actually do that? Can you imagine going to work and being able to put that sign on your forehead and then everyone else just had to respect that your brain was temporarily out of order so they had to leave you alone? And how awesome would it be if at home with your family when everyone is yelling at you at once to cook this, or clean that, or find this, and you could literally pop a post it sign on your forehead saying out of order and it required everyone to do it for themselves? How cool would that be…seriously!  We should all start doing it cause if enough of us do it together than everyone else will have to get on board with it 🙂

I’m game to try because sometimes there isn’t enough Tylenol out there to cure the headache you have. And frankly if I have to hear my husband tell me one more time that it’s just because I am dehydrated I am probably going to slug him…plus I drank plenty of Diet Coke to keep me hydrated today so that is clearly not the problem 🙂

My mother would tell me to slow down and not do so much, which totally makes sense, except I seem to seriously suck at doing that…she sent me an email so I would hopefully get the message and I had to laugh because chances are it’s totally true:


The bottom line today is that my brain is too fried to come up with anything inspirational or motivational to blog about tonight…but my hope is that any of you suffering from information overload and a horrible headache can now know that you are not alone! So go get the post it note and put that “temporarily out of order” sign on your foreheads! I will if you will 🙂

Here’s hoping for a far less stressful day tomorrow…




  • Mitali says:

    😀 😀 😀

    Amazing….can’t stop laughing.

  • Johnny d. says:

    Growing up I was the guy everyone said “finds the good in everything and everyone”.now I’m 52 and for a few years now I only see the’s like something is trying to drain my lifelong peace of mind.i can’t explain to myself why it’s happening.your a very spiritual young lady.anything you might think about this dilemma I’m experiencing would be greatly appreciated.god bless.

    • Amy says:

      The reality is that sometimes in life we hit low points where we may need genuine help to climb out of them. I personally have found that turning to God in prayer is a huge help when I am struggling. But it also may be wise to seek out the help of a counselor or go see a doctor to see if you are suffering from a form of depression that requires medication to help you recover from it. I firmly believe that the strongest people are those who are willing to ask for help when they need it. My Grandfather once told, “Do something, do anything, just make a start.” The best advice I can give you is his advice to do something and make a start – look to improve your frame of mind by doing positive things, serving others, focusing on the things you are grateful for each day, kneeling in prayer, and asking for help from a professional if needed. Life is a beautiful gift and you deserve to live a happy one!

      • Johnny d. says:

        Thank for such a fast response Amy.that is so nice of you.your certainly a sweet spirit.and it makes me so happy that I was somehow guided to your I am definitely not much of a seeker of help or much of a computer almost seems like in my mind I no longer deserve peace and I have been ridiculously blessed in this life with peace and joy.ive never worried a day in this life except when someone was sick.ive cared for my mom and wife through The darkest of days till both of their last breath’s in this life.i was at peace when they crossed over knowing they were at peace.ive never wanted anything in this life except the basic necessities.never longed for anything material.ive actually ran from situations where I could’ve succeeded monetarily.never wanting my spiritual being compromised by life’s temporary pleasures.ive never thought of myself as being depressed.maybe a little lonely.but I’ve never really felt alone.i think I might feel a bit useless at this point in life.i have 2 daughter is son 25.4 grandkids I haven’t seen in 2 years since I moved to Las Vegas.ive been thinking about going home to Chicago for a few years so I can teach the kids how to play sports and give them my knowledge.but I’m torn because my city is a mess.i don’t know my city anymore.i know in my heart this is probably my last destiny in this it’s freaking me out a little.i found myself not kneeling in prayer much the last few years.and for someone like me that has had unreal spiritual experiences and has been blessed beyond belief that is unacceptable.i have been kneeling in prayer again and asking for forgiveness for my shortcomings in this life.ive always prayed for everyone all my everyone I meet in this life I’ve always prayed for.hold us in your prayers.the time is short.thank you for caring Amy.God bless.

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