Bring The Vacation To You

We all love going on vacation – Why? Because vacations are our opportunity to throw normal routines out the window and give ourselves permission to venture out and do new things without feeling weighed down by any day-to-day expectations, and without feeling the tremendous guilt of forgoing them. We allow ourselves to ignore the cell phone calls and the emails and focus on the right now.  On vacations we give ourselves permission to just have fun.  And we’ve told ourselves its okay to enjoy ourselves…by example, calories don’t count on when we are on vacation 🙂

But going on vacation also takes a lot of work to plan, and it costs a lot of money to pay for.   Still worth it?  Absolutely!  But why is it we haven’t considered bringing our vacation to us?  Or better said – why don’t we ever consider taking a vacation right from our own home? 

Just think about it.  You could take a vacation without ever having to pack a bag or without spending money on flights and hotels.  You could use some time-off work to take a vacation right from the comfort of your own home.  You’d get to sleep in your own bed and never have to pack a suitcase. You could wake up each morning having given yourself permission to be on vacation, not answer the phone or the emails, and do fun activities right at home or by going to visit places close to home. Often times we aren’t even aware of all the cool places that exist within an hour’s drive of our own homes because we’re always so eager to get out of town, but guaranteed there are plenty of fun new places to visit and explore right near our own backyards.

Vacation isn’t actually about where we go – it’s about the permission we give ourselves to escape the normal day-to-day routine and enjoy our time.  So maybe it’s time we start thinking about bringing the vacation to us!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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