Can’t Never Could

In reviewing some important information tonight I came across the words “Can’t Never Could” and I couldn’t help but wish I had woken up to those words this morning. One of my first thoughts this morning as I woke up and thought about everything I needed to get done I had the thought, “I can’t get everything I need to do done” and then I proceeded to feel stressed about it all day long. Likely not so fortuitous that I didn’t get everything done today…and sadly it’s also probably not a coincidence that when we start with the thought of “I can’t” not only do we not get it done but we also feel stressed out and we don’t act like the best version of ourselves. Everything goes downhill fast when anything starts with the words “I can’t”.

That hardest part is that it is SO easy to have a negative thought without even trying to…especially when you’re under a lot of pressure to do something or when you are feeling overwhelmed. Knowing how easy it is for the negative thought to creep in we can’t afford to be casual about preventing it. We have to proactively find ways to make absolutely sure our thoughts stay positive BEFORE they get the chance to turn negative…because our easiest path to success is to start ourselves off with a positive thought rather than waiting to try and turn a negative thought into a positive one.

Before I go to bed tonight I am going to change my alarm song on my iPhone to be one with lyrics that will wake me up reminding me that I CAN do anything! I’m also going to stick a sign on my mirror that reminds me that “I’ve got this!” so I will be staring at it the entire time I am getting ready for work. I have a feeling that if I do that my day tomorrow will go so much better because I will be feeling positive…which will motivate me more and cause me to be far more productive…which will make me feel so much happier!  All because I made the effort to help me control my thoughts at the start of my day rather than waiting to control them at the end of the day as I did today.  Why didn’t I think of this yesterday?! 🙂

I suppose that’s the beauty of our getting to start again fresh tomorrow with all our wisdom we have gained from our today.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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