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Color Me Surprised – 2020 Just Struck Again at 112 mph

We started off our 2020 year with my husband getting hospitalized for what we later discovered was COVID-19. The pandemic hit the U.S. in full force and everything went into lockdown, toilet paper ran out, grocery store shelves were empty, Utah got hit with one of its biggest earthquakes ever in March, hailstorms happened in June, rioting in the streets went on all summer, over 1,000 wildfires burned in the State, a tree fell onto my house, so by now you’d think nothing about 2020 would surprise me anymore..yeah…you’d think that….

But today you can COLOR ME SURPRISED because Utah spent the day being hit with cat 3 hurricane force winds!!!

All day today Utah experienced crazy wind gusts that went as high as 112 mph (cat 3 hurricane force) causing damage to countless buildings, flipping more than 45 semi-trucks on their side on the highway, knocking down hundreds of trees onto cars, homes, and power lines causing more than 200,000 homes to lose power (with more than 125,000 homes still without any power). Schools are closed, people are being urged to stay inside their homes, and the windstorms continue to rage as I write this tonight and are expected to continue raging into tomorrow.

2020 is officially the most out of control year EVER!  I don’t even know what more to say about it at this point – but I do know that at this point in 2020 that comic where the cartoon character is holding up his sign up that says “the end is near” that we used to laugh at just doesn’t seem funny anymore.

Perhaps 2020 is trying very hard to let us all know that its time to get our lives in order. We certainly have nothing to lose by trying to and if it will get 2020 to stop screaming, I’m in!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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