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Confessions of a Dealaholic

I hope all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday off of work spending time with your loved ones. Other than not being able to fit back into any of my clothes after eating so much turkey and pie…sigh…my holiday was one filled with family and fun memories and fantastic food…so much food…

Normally I would dread going back to real life the Monday after a holiday weekend, but I have to admit that this year I’m finding it hard not to get sucked into the excitement of Cyber Monday. Although I am trying really hard not to and here is why:

I have a huge weakness for a good deal. I’m fairly certain that I inherited it from my Mother. I still remember back in my youth when she came home all excited about the great deal she got on buying a fireplace bellows. Ironically we only had a gas fireplace at the time so there was absolutely no need for a bellows, but to her that was beside the point because she got it for a screaming deal.

My love of a good deal started to rear its ugly head when I was in my early twenties. I found myself watching the home shopping network on nights I couldn’t fall asleep, and inevitably there was always some amazing deal to be had. Anytime they would say “If you are one of the first callers to buy this product you will get it for a discounted price of only three easy installments of $19.99.” I couldn’t help but pick up my phone and start dialing. After all how could I pass up such a great deal on buying a Thigh Master, or the Flowbie haircutter, or that George Foreman Grill, or the Body By Jake Workout Machine, or that set of kitchen knives that cuts through a tomato AND a shoe?!?! They were all being offered for such great deals!!!  And with that I began amassing a huge inventory of useless items that would end up collecting dust in my basement.  Yet I simply couldn’t resist buying it when it was offered for a deal. I finally had to restrict myself from watching any home shopping networks or infomercials because I couldn’t help but get sucked in.

So back in 2005 when people started talking about Cyber Monday and the fabulous deals one could find online I did all I could to avoid it. And given that I was always at work Cyber Monday with loads to do it was easy enough to avoid. But the more I’ve had friends tell me about all the amazing deals they’ve gotten on Cyber Monday on everything from electronics to booking hotel stays the more I found myself thinking, “Who has time to go to work when there is so much online shopping for fabulous deals to be done?!”  And with that I can feel myself getting once again pulled into to the dark side…full of Time Life Hits of the 80’s CDs when I don’t even have a CD player anymore…

Happy shopping everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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