Conquering Blah Days

“It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.”

Some days are just blah days.  Nothing great, but nothing bad either…just blah.  That was how today was.  It seems like when the weather gets cold the blah days come with it…unfortunately.  So today I decided to gather ideas on how to best handle a blah day so I could keep a list handy so whenever I find myself having a blah day I can take it out and pick something from my list to help cheer the day.

Here is the list I have come up with so far:

  1. Realize that your blah feeling is just a feeling and nothing more.  It will pass if you just get through it.
  2. Find something to laugh about – a funny you tube video, or a funny joke,
  3. Listen to a favorite song – music is a great mood changer!
  4. Studies show that surrounding yourself with yellow and orange colors will help cheer you up because they remind you of the sun.
  5. Make the wallpaper on your computer a picture of somewhere warm and tropical.
  6. Citrus fruits help cheer people up.
  7. Mediate – sit quietly breathing deep breaths in and out. Clear your mind and just breathe.
  8. Grab a piece of your favorite sugar candy –for me personally I love Chewy Mini Sweetarts. They are my very favorite sugar candy and they can’t help but cheer me up.
  9. Put on your most comfortable pair of sweats and grab your snuggie slanket to curl up with and watch a favorite television show.
  10. Go and do something kind for someone else- that is 100% the quickest way to overcome a blah day, without question.

So that is my start to the list of ideas on how to conquer a Blah Day.  I would love to have you guys all post your additions to my list in the comments of todays post because the longer the list of ideas for overcoming Blah Days the better!   The weather isn’t going to be bringing much sunshine so we need ideas for bringing a different kind of sunshine to our days!!!

Here is hoping for a Better than Blah day tomorrow!



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