DFTBA – Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

DFTBA- Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.  Best reminder EVER!    How great would it be if every morning we woke up and had a big sign on our bathroom mirror that said “DFTBA” to remind us to go out and be awesome every day.  After all, every one of us is totally capable of being awesome if we just decide to – it’s simply a choice.  And you need to believe it because if you don’t believe yourself then you can bet no one else will either.  Now believing in your awesomeness does not in any way mean being cocky or arrogant, because there is nothing awesome about cocky or arrogant.  On the contrary, believing in your awesomeness means being confident that you have every talent and ability you need to be the best you possible and being willing to use those talents and abilities to their fullest each day.

Besides believing in your awesomeness, here are a few other things to help you be awesome today:

Own the day, don’t let the day own you.

Be enthusiastic about everything you do today.

You can’t be awesome if you don’t try things that are out of your comfort zone – do hard things and don’t be afraid to try and fail!

“ “It’s better to be safe than sorry” is such crap.  You know what’s better than being safe?  Being AWESOME!”

My personal reminder to be awesome comes in the form of the Wonder Woman dolls and collection I keep in my office.  That’s right, Wonder Woman.  Now I’m not saying I am Wonder Woman, I am just saying that no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room 🙂  .  And everyone knows that Wonder Woman is AWESOME!

Let DFTBA be your daily reminder from now on to get up in the morning and BE AWESOME!  And stay AWESOME all weekend wrong!!!  And then repeat the AWESOME every day after that!!!!



  • Mark Hester says:

    There are many days I am awesome. Even if I am the only one that recognizes it.

    Loving life under trying and difficult circumstances in itself is absolutely awesome.

    Then there is this chance to say to you how awesome you have been to me. I’ll never forget at least 5 big awesome days spent with you, plus many regular awesome.

    Thank You and love you.

  • Regi says:

    Thanks Amy,

    I love the way you said..

    Thank you


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