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Do It So Well They Can’t Forget You

Our first three stops on the cruise were all locations in Italy. I happen to LOVE Italy. A few years back my brother and his family were living in Rome and we had come to stay with them for several weeks and we absolutely fell in love with the country…after all, they do food better than any other country I have visited…I am in LOVE with Italian food. I love how fresh everything is. I love their wood fire pizza ovens and their buffalo mozzarella and fresh tomato, and don’t even get me started on the Gelato…mmmmmm the Gelato. Unbelievably good.

When we went to Italy several years ago we went to this little restaurant called Taverna Rossini’s with my brother and his family and we had the most amazing meal there. It was so amazing that ever since that trip our family has talked about the amazing food at Rossini’s. And when we booked our cruise with it’s stops in Italy we made special arrangements to have a driver arranged that could drive us to Rossini’s for lunch.

For us to take time away from all the incredible sightseeing we could have been doing that day to go to this restaurant that was out of the way for us tells you exactly how much we loved it! We literally went to great lengths to be able to get back there.

That is today’s life lesson I wanted to share from my European Adventure trip: If you are going to do something, do it so well that they can’t ever forget you! Do it so well that people will travel for miles just to experience it again. Do it so well that it truly becomes unforgettable! If you can do that then you know you have mastered your craft…..

2016-08-16 12.05.22
2016-08-16 12.30.33
2016-08-17 10.46.10
….another example of that would be my favorite purse store, Louis Vuitton…I literally had to find the Louis Vuitton store in every city we visited on the trip …they too do it so well you can’t forget them 🙂 

2016-08-16 16.51.552016-08-18 13.45.102016-08-15 15.25.09IMG_0047

Here are a few more fun pics from the trip:

IMG_0029IMG_0145 2016-08-18 10.43.39

Have a great day!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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