Does being excited for Fall TV mean we have a pathetically unexciting life?

Does it mean we have a pathetically unexciting life if we are super excited for the fall TV season premiers?? Because if it does then I am in trouble! Cause I, for one, am super excited!!!

Not only are our old favorite shows coming back like:

The Voice (who doesn’t love listening to Blake Shelton’s cute country drawl?)

Blue Bloods (is it just me or does Tom Sellek look even cuter now than he did in his Magnum PI days?)

Castle (such a great mix of mystery and romance)

The Blacklist (so intense! Love it!)

And my husband’s personal favorite Last Man Standing (Tim Allen stars as a dad living with three daughters and it is hilarious!).

But there are a whole bunch of brand new shows I can’t wait to check out premiering – now before I list the names of some shows I am excited to check out I will add a disclaimer that I haven’t yet seen these shows yet to see if they are going to be quality television or total trash – so if I watch the first nights episode and they are trashy they will immediately come off my Tivo recording list (don’t worry Mom…we are keeping it clean at our house 🙂 ). Some of the ones I want to check out are:

Blood & Oil (because it is filming here in Utah so I have to check it out!)

Quantico (my dad was FBI so I have to at least check it out!)

Blindspot (because its by the makers of the show The Black List which as I said earlier is awesome!)

The Player (story looks intriguing and action packed)

The Grinder (Rob Lowe…who doesn’t love him…stars in this new comedy that might be really good)

Beyond the Tank – the Shark Tank Spinoff show (I love these shows because they provide great education for entrepreneurs and I am all about that!)

Those are the ones I am most excited to check out, but there are tons of new shows starting and watching the previews for them its like watching a movie trailer! So yeah…I can’t wait for fall TV which started tonight! Thank heavens for TIVO…it lets me record them all and watch them when I finally get done with my day and can snuggle up with my honey and a big bowl of popcorn…gotta have popcorn…and someone to snuggle with doesn’t hurt 🙂   and it can certainly make it a little more exciting!

Have a great time watching your favorite shows this week!



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