Don’t Carry Excess Baggage

I’d packed and unpacked my suitcases so many times this last year that I wouldn’t even finish unpacking for one trip before I began packing again for the next one. Then I finally got around to unpacking them after my last trip but I left my suitcases sitting open on my bedroom floor because I knew I’d eventually have another trip come up.

For weeks I stumbled over those suitcases on my bedroom floor until last week when I had an event to host at my home and I knew people would be wanting to take a tour of the house. So I carried the empty suitcases down to the storage room and put them away. As I walked back into my bedroom I was amazed at how amazing the bedroom looked and felt without bags to be tripped on.

It caused me to reflect on the emotional baggage in our lives. Some people carry a full suitcase of emotional baggage around everywhere they go…some set it on the floor but never actually unpack its contents…some unpack the contents but keep the bag on the floor anticipating the next offense will be coming along any day to fill it, leaving it to trip them up every time they enter the room…

“All of us carry excess baggage around from time to time, but the wisest ones among us don’t carry it for very long. They get rid of it.  Some of it you have to get rid of without really solving the problem. Some things that ought to be put in order are not put in order because you can’t control them.  Often, however, the things we carry are petty, even stupid. If you are still upset after all these years because Aunt Clara didn’t come to your wedding reception, why don’t you grow up? Forget it.  If you brood constantly over some past mistake, settle it—look ahead…If you resent someone for something he has done—or failed to do—forget it. We call that forgiveness. It is powerful, spiritual medicine.”            – Boyd K. Packer

There is an amazing feeling that comes from emptying your suitcase and putting the bag away.  It’s a feeling of peace and contentment that allows you to move forward in your life with a much lighter load and a happier skip in your step.

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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