Don’t Close the Book, Just Turn the Page.

Some days things happen that throw us for a total loop. When that happens it often causes you to feel totally out of sorts. You can find yourself questioning things that you used to feel certain about. You notice let fear and doubt creeping in. The picture in your head seems suddenly erased and you’re not quite sure what image will replace it.

When that happens its important to step back, take a deep breathe, and just stop for a minute. Don’t allow yourself to over-react. Don’t allow yourself to jump to worst case scenerios in your mind. Don’t jump to any conclusions yet. Make yourself clear your mind completely. Then instead of letting any negative thoughts at all creep in, instead force yourself to start making a mental list of all the possible positive outcomes that might result from this sudden change that has occurred. It will take focus and self-discipline to force yourself to only think through the positive results that are possible, but do it! It will make a massive impact on helping you control your fears and emotions if you can force yourself to consider ALL the positive BEFORE you allow yourself to think through any of the negative.

Life is full of curve balls, sudden changes, and unexpected occurrences. When that happens don’t let yourself close the book, just take a deep breath and turn the page….the story isn’t over yet…

“Move on. It’s just a chapter in the past. But don’t close the book. Just turn the page.”

Focus on the positive!



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  • lindsay overton says:

    The book is done for me. The past is the past. Surrounding yourself with such idiocy is just enough to make you want to go off. Here’s the thing, it’s not worth it. I’m tired of letting people get my peace, people who do that aren’t really in your corner. It’s time to just go. I’m so ready to move on it’s not even funny. Anything else that happens happens, people can have it. Although i had no clue how desperate people really are it’s good to know now.

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