Don’t ever let a person acting horribly get you down

There are a lot of really good people in this world, and there also some people who choose to be really horrible. To all you good people out there I want to say, “NEVER LET ANY PERSON WHO IS CHOOSING TO BE HORRIBLE GET YOU DOWN!”

Sorry to yell with my all caps there, but yelling it out is exactly what I would do if I was talking to you in person because I so passionately believe that no good person should ever allow themselves to take to heart the nasty words or hurtful actions of a person who is acting horribly. Because quite frankly a person who acts horribly is being a HORRIBLE PERSON! But guess what?! YOU are a GOOD PERSON and being a good person is all that truly matters in life so you have nothing to be concerned about, and there is nothing for you to feel bad about! Because you are a GOOD PERSON!

Always remember that the nasty words or actions of a person acting horribly are solely a reflection of them – not you. Their horrible behavior says far more to the other good people in this world about who that person is than it does who you are and those good people out there are the only ones you should concern yourself with anyhow.

Over this past year we have seen an awful lot of people acting horribly. And unfortunately social media has become a mega platform for people to act horribly on a worldwide scale. People can easily hide behind a computer and say horrible things to and about other people and it gives them some sense of importance because they were able to get people to read it…but all they are really doing is showing us exactly who THEY are, they don’t show us anything about the person they are posting negatively about. The only thing that shows the world who the person being talked negatively about is, is the way they choose to respond to it. If the person who’s being attacked responds with the same type of horrible behavior as the person who attacked them, that is when we are shown who they are.  And if the person attacked choses to respond with class and respect and kindness, well that is when we are shown who they are.

No one else can show the world who you are. Only you can. So the next time a person acting horribly says mean things or does mean things to you simply step back and remind yourself that how they are acting isn’t at all about you and it says nothing about who you are – it’s all about them and their own issues. So continue to be the GOOD person you are and know that the other good people out there see you for the good person you are….so never ever let a horrible person get you down!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Jane says:

    I love you shouting out good advice. Oh. My. Goodness. You are so right! Don’t let a horrible person get you down and don’t buy into what they say. Don’t own untruth about anything.

  • Darrin Briggs says:

    I loved this post for two reasons:
    1. You purposefully and explicitly state that we are in control of our lives and we have the capability and responsibility to to accept the consequences of our actions. I am so tired of living in a society that says “He/She started it so it’s not MY fault!” I for one, have made many choices in my life, some good, some not so good, but every time I might choose to be “horrible” I better stop and think about what the repercussions of my actions might be. On the other hand, if I choose to act with kindness, respect, and decency, I never have to worry about the repercussions of those choices or actions.
    2. Class is something that many people believe you either have or you don’t, that it can’t be taught or learned. I disagree. I believe that “class” is learned and taught in the home, by parents to their children. Manners, respect for others, kindness, charity, all of these attributes can be learned and developed over time and it starts with doing exactly what you said, responding to a horrible person or another person’s horrible actions with kindness, in other words, turning the other cheek. I was taught, and am trying to teach my own children today, that it takes two opposing forces to have a tug-o-war. If one person drops the rope, or better yet, never picks it up to begin with, the situation diffuses and decency wins.

    So thank you for writing this today…I for one needed to be reminded that peace in my home, in my office, at my church, in my neighborhood, and in every aspect of the world that I live in and have some sort of a sphere of influence over, begins with how I treat others with whom I come into contact. I don’t need to be one of the “Horribles” because enough other people are already filling that role.

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