Don’t Shy Away From Hard Work

I was raised to believe in the value of hard work. I don’t know if hard work came naturally to me or if it was a learned trait by watching my parents work their tails off. All I know is that being a slacker was never even a temptation for me. I always took personal pride in working hard. As I became a young adult I realized that if I was willing to work even just 10% harder than the acceptable norm, I could accomplish incredible things. And just imagine what I could accomplish if I worked 20% harder, etc.

I suppose it may have become a bit of an obsession for me in my life to work hard. It’s like I cannot let myself go to bed at night until I have done everything I could possibly do with my day. Sometimes I admit it gets to be excessive and I have to remind myself to stop to eat, or to tinkle, and I have to talk myself into shutting the computer and go to bed. But overall working hard has served me incredibly well all my life.

It’s exciting to work hard and be able to look at all you are accomplishing with your time. And it is definitely more rewarding to be a hard worker than being a slacker. Without a doubt, being a hard worker is far more rewarding than being a person who sits back and just takes credit for other people’s work. While it might sound enjoyable to slack and then take credit, there is just no sense of personal pride in a job well done if that is all you are doing.

“My grandfather once told me that there are

2 kinds of people: those who do the work

and those who take the credit.

He told me to try to be in the 1st group.

There is much less competition.“

-Indira Gandhi

What I am trying to say is this: Don’t shy away from hard work. Roll up your sleeves and get busy. Do all you can do in a day and never regret putting 100% into all you do. It’s exciting to accomplish things! It’s amazing! And in the end all of your hard work will pay off.

Have a great day!



  • Gunpreet says:

    Hi Amy,
    I am hard working person, but not enough clever to survives I guess. Some times to do hardwork is not even in your hands. My life looks like finished, like you can say someone put fullstop in my life and showing to rest of the world that I don’t want to walk. And no one even want to ask me what happen.
    Gunpreet Sahota

  • yeshoda says:

    Dear Amy,
    Its a very well written post.
    Kindly correct the spelling of “Indira Gandhi”.
    Thank You 🙂

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