Amy Rees Anderson

Emote. It’s okay. It shows you are thinking and feeling.

“Laugh. Laugh as much as you can. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Keep doing it even if people are passing you on the street saying, “I can’t tell if that person is laughing or crying, but either way they seem crazy, let’s walk faster.” Emote. It’s okay. It shows you are thinking and feeling.” – Ellen Degeneres

I needed that quote today! I have always been a person who loves to laugh, but I have never been big on crying. For one it makes my eyes all swollen and sore, not to mention that it always gives me a headache. But sometimes we really do just need a good cry to remind ourselves that we are human and that we are vulnerable.

That being said, I would far rather laugh than cry any day! I love to laugh. I love how laughter can take a bad situation and make it better. I love how it can lighten our moods and helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel. When things get stressful I think a good rule of thumb is to stop and think – If you will probably end up laughing about something later, why not just decide to go ahead and laugh about it right now?!

It’s good to let your feelings surface – but always keep this quote in mind when they do:

“Feelings are like waves. You cannot stop them from coming but you can decide which ones to surf.”

Don’t let the cry moments last very long. And make the laugh moments last as long as possible. Most important, remember that it is okay to emote!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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