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Enduring Love of a Father (Happy Father’s Day)

Father’s Day holds an incredibly special place in my heart each year. Not only because I was blessed with an amazing Father of my own and an equally amazing Father-in-law, but also because I have been blessed with an incredible husband who came into my life 7 1/2 years ago and became the Father to my two children. My husband Rollin didn’t just adopt my two children, he truly loves them as his own flesh and blood. He exemplifies what a man with the title “Father” should be and I want to say, “Happy Father’s Day” to Rollin and to my own amazing Father and my adorable Father-in-law. You three are the most amazing Father’s in the world.

My son shared a video with me today that I is the perfect video to share in tonight’s blog because the man in this video is exactly the kind of man a truly great Father is…a man who loves his wife…nothing gives a child (even an adult child) more comfort and security than knowing their Father loves their Mother. I am so grateful for the peace of knowing both my Fathers love my Mothers the way this man loves his wife. That is what makes them such incredible Dads.  I promised it is worth spending the four minutes to watch.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Father’s out there. You are so important in the lives of your children…thank you for all you do!



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