Amy Rees Anderson

“Even if you are on the right track you will get ran over if you just sit there”

When we wake up every day, the person we should be competing against is the person we were yesterday. Every day we should be trying to beat out that person we were the day before. Looking back we can easily see how far we have come over the years. We can see just how much we have grown. And that is fantastic, but even when we are sitting on the right track today, we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent. We cannot allow ourselves to think that sitting on the right track is good enough. The fact is that we need to be moving ahead on that track at a pace fast enough to make sure that the person we are competing against can’t ever catch up to us and run us over. We have to always stay ahead of the person we were yesterday.

It’s so important that we wake up every day with the attitude of “How can I make myself better today than I was yesterday?” We need to constantly be looking for better and smarter ways to do what we do. We need to constantly step back and look at what we do and ask ourselves: “Given the opportunities that are available to me today, or given the additional resources that exist in my life today, or given the level of experience I have now gained, are there different ways I can now do things that I might not have been able to take advantage of yesterday?” If we take the time to ask that question each day then we will be able to always stay ahead of where we were the day before. But it takes continuously thinking that way. Every new day must be started with that same attitude. Each of us must ask ourselves what ideas we have had that might make our lives easier, or how have we become smarter, or what can we do to perform faster, or how can we now become more effective? Every day we need to be innovative about how we go about things and we must always be looking for ways we can improve.

In the words of the great Mark Twain, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

If we want to be the best we can be in life then then we cannot ever allow ourselves to hold still. We must move forward with excitement and energy and laser-like focus (why does the image of “sharks with freakin’ laser beams” come to my mind when I talk about laser focus??….sorry that was my A.D.D. kicking in…..). If every single one of us are committed to maintaining that focus then we will always be UNDEFEATABLE!!! And that is just a cool thing to be 🙂

Have an Innovative and Laser Focused Day Everyone!


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