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Fight Off the Winter Blues

First remember to keep calm, it’s only a four day work week and you are one down, three to go! I think a four day work week is great – except all that stuff we all pushed off last week with the excuse that we would do it after the long weekend turned up TODAY…so ya…that was super fun…NOT!

I think the second half of February tends to be a rough month in general. The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are behind you. The excitement of starting off your new year’s goals in January has faded. And the anticipation of getting President’s weekend holiday off has come to an end. It’s like…let’s see…what can I be excited about now…tons more cold weather…no more days off until spring break…having it get dark before we even get to eat dinner…yeah, I’m coming up with nothing here….  That is what I call feeling the winter blues and they are the worst about this time…

So I have put together a little list of ideas to help all of us ward off those winter blues. And if any of you have ideas to add to the list I would love it! Just add them in the comments if you do because heaven knows we could use all the good ideas we can get! Here are the ones I came up with:

Plan and schedule a few activities with other people:

Plan a movie night with friends. Have a potluck dinner party at someone’s house. Get a group of couples to take a dance class together. Go to a concert or a sporting event with a group of friends. Do a game night with friends.

Take Vitamin D Supplements:

We get less Vitamin D during winter and that can contribute to feeling down in the winter months. So head to the store and grab a bottle of Vitamin D tablets to help improve your mood. And get outside a little more, even if it’s cold…you need the sun on your face!

Do a project that will take you a few weeks to finish:

Pick something you have been wanting to do but haven’t gotten around to doing and decide to get it done the next few weeks in the evenings after work. Having something you can dig into will give you something to focus on that will help pass the winter months more quickly. Whether its finishing organizing your garage, or scanning it old photos, or making a quilt…whatever it is determine to get it done before the spring hits. Not only will this keep you busy but it will let you feel good for accomplishing something you’ve been wanting to get done.

Plan a quick weekend getaway trip before spring:

First of all just planning the trip will give you something exciting to work on so that is good. But genuinely plan a quick weekend getaway trip to do something exciting and fun. That way you have something to look forward to in the near future which always makes you happier!

In closing I found a quote that I think we all need to hear this time of year:

No Matter How You Feel…

Get Up.

Dress Up.

Show Up.

And Never Give Up.

Have a GLORIOUS DAY everyone!



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