Fill Up Your Inspiration Tank!

This weekend I spent, and this is no joke, 10 hours over the course of two days watching inspirational and motivational talks.  These talks were broadcast as part of a General Conference that is done by the LDS Church every six months.  I look forward to Conference weekend every October and every April because it is one of the few times that I sit still long enough to completely fill up my personal inspiration tank!  And given that we all know I have serious A.D.D., the fact that I sit still for that many hours tells you just how much I must love hearing those talks!  And I do love them!  The subjects range anywhere from achieving balance in life, being kind to everyone, the importance of service, the importance of our mental health, forgiving others, self-improvement, building relationships, the importance of family, and furthering our personal relationship with God. At the end of watching conference I always feel incredibly inspired and motivated to be a better person, to try harder each day, and I see things with a good perspective.  I feel like my inspiration tank has been refilled and I am ready to take on the world again.

There is huge benefit to rebalancing ourselves – to stepping back from the daily grind in order to stop and refill our tanks – taking time to reflect on things and time to recommit to things.   Every day that we go through life we are burning through the fuel in our inspiration tanks, just like our cars burn fuel each time we drive them.  Even when our car is in idle, it is still burning fuel, and even when our lives are in neutral, with no big dramas happening, our inspiration fuel is still getting used.  Which means we need to find ways to fill it back up.

Having run completely out of gas in my car before, I can emphatically say that the smartest thing to do is to constantly be filling your inspiration tank daily rather than waiting for it to be completely out of gas before you are forced to replenish the tank.  Being broken down on the side of the road is just not very fun.

The way to keep your tank full is to make sure each day you are filling up with small amounts of inspiration.  This can be done by listening to talk tapes while you get ready in the morning or while you drive to work.  This can be done by placing inspirational quotes on your mirror or the wall of your office.  This can be done by reading a good book or by watching an inspirational movie or television show.  This can be done by taking quiet time at the end of each day to reflect on what you have learned and where you want to go tomorrow.  Adding little bits of inspiration throughout our day will help us stay happier and healthier in life and it will prevent us from having a breakdown.

I believe we can find inspiration in almost any situation if we look for it.  I have learned that lesson as I sit to write my blogs each night and I am forced to think about what inspired me that day.  It just requires that you take the time to notice it.

“You can find inspiration in everything.  And if you can’t, look again.”  -Paul Smith

Have a great week this week everyone and don’t forget to fill up your inspiration tank!


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