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Finally Time To Sit Back and Relax and Enjoy!

Today was my son’s formal homecoming talk that return missionaries give at our church meeting once they return from their LDS Mission.  We had loads of family members fly and drive into town on both my side of the family and Rollin’s side of the family so they could attend our church meeting today and here Dalton’s talk.. We also had tons of friends come to hear him as well and the meeting was packed.  Dalton gave an AMAZING talk and reported on the experiences he had during his two years spent in Mississippi and Louisiana.  He shared experiences of how he saw many people change their lives for the better over that two years.  He talked about the amazing influence Jesus Christ can have in people’s lives if they allow him too.  He talked about how the Savior is always there for us and will always be there for each and every one of us, no matter what mistakes we have made and no matter how distant we feel from him.  It was a talk full of hope and faith and I could not have been more proud of him than I was today. 

Following his talk, several hundred people stopped by our home to say hello to Dalton and to take a tour of the new house.  We have put so much work into preparing the home for this very day that it was incredible to see it all come together the way that it did.  It was so fun to see people enjoy the house as much as they did and to have so many of them appreciate all of the details we have put into the home.  It was like watching the culmination of years of hard work finally come together in one incredible afternoon.  People were coming by from 10:15am all the way until this evening so it was an event filled day for sure. But finally when the last people had left there was this amazing feeling of …exhale….and so I did, but there was also that feeling of “I can’t believe its over”….all that hard work preparing for this day to come…all the focus of every waking moment with very little sleep for months on end….all the hard work and preparation and we did it…we made it…and it was a huge success….and it was over….

As I sit here on the couch tonight I realize that for the first time it is actually time for me to sit back and relax….for the first time in over a year of building the house and preparing for my son’s homecoming, we did it!  And now it truly is time to relax and enjoy it!  Which feels really weird to be honest.  The thought of relaxing and enjoying it is so foreign to me right now because I couldn’t for so long…it was work work work and having to have everything finished and complete…but now it is complete…and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labors…

My only fear is what if I have forgotten how to relax and enjoy it…yikes!  I am so not used to just being able to relax. My life has been filled with one huge project after another and one huge responsibility after another.  I don’t know if I know what it means to relax and enjoy at this point of my life…but I am dang well going to try!!!!  My two children are safely home for the summer, our home is complete, and for the first summer ever in my two children’s life their mom is able to take a summer off of work to spend it playing with them, so that is exactly what I intend to do.  I am dedicating this summer to playing with my husband and children before they both leave to college in the fall.  For once, business can take a backseat to my family and I will pick it up again in the fall.  Let the relaxing and enjoying begin 🙂   (PS. I know my husband is laughing as he reads this because he didn’t know that I even knew that the word “relax” existed…but hey…I am willing to try!).

Another PS.  To everyone who came today I want to say thank you for supporting my son and being a part of our lives! We feel incredibly blessed to have so many good friends in our life!




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