Finding Your Zen

By the time I finish a long day of work my mind is pretty shot and my A.D.D. meds have started to wear off for the day – inevitably there always comes a point each evening where that combination leads to no chance of my being able to sit still and focus.  Tonight I had just hit that point for my day when I then needed to head out with my daughter to attend our weekly youth group activity night at our church.  The activity tonight was an introduction for our teenager girls to learn the art of Yoga.  Okay so how can I say this best?…..Me + my teenage daughter who is also A.D.D. but without meds + my long day today + my own ADD meds wearing off for the night + a yoga class where you are supposed to find your Zen place and focus on breathing in and out without making any noise = a recipe for disaster!

When the first pose started my daughter turned it into a hip hop bootie shake move which was when I knew there was no way either she or I would make it through the class with even a slight ounce of seriousness.  We both started giggling almost immediately.  When the instructor (who was amazing by the way) told us to do the tree pose, my daughter immediately transformed it into a swaying palm tree with the wind whipping her branches.  When the instructor suggested we do the warrior pose I couldn’t help but bust out my Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid move from the final fight seen of the movie.  We giggled and laughed and generally caused a total distraction in the classroom.  Our poor instructor (who again, was amazing, and I am so sorry we were disruptive in your class 🙂 ) let us know that if we were in an actual yoga class that we would have been invited to step out into the hallway as to not disrupt the class….oops….

My daughter and I tried desperately to be serious but there was just no way we could.  We had already entered the “silly zone” where no matter what someone said we were going to find a way to make it silly and funny and we would end up giggling about it!  Toward the end of the class the instructor (did I mention just how awesome she was yet!?!  Because she was!) asked all of us to sit cross legged and to breathe deeply and find our Zen.   We made it through one or two deep breaths in our cross-legged stance when my daughter started doing the neck sway dance from side to side, and once again, we busted out laughing.

Looking back it may have appeared to others that my daughter and I never found our Zen tonight – but that isn’t true – what I realized tonight is the fact that for me and my daughter, the “silly zone” is our Zen!  I realized that the laughter and playfulness and dancing is where my daughter and I actually find our Zen!   That fun joyfulness is what helps she and I to relax, let go, and replenish our cups with renewed hope and excitement for the future.

Yes, tonight I realized that all of us find our Zen differently.  For some it’s quiet meditation.  For some it’s quiet prayer.  And for some, like she and I, it’s that not so quiet moment at the end of the day where silliness and laughter reign and all becomes well with our world again.  So my challenge for all of you today is to find your Zen – wherever that may be – find it and relish in it!

PS.  Did I mention that our yoga instructor Lori was fantastic?!   Because she totally was!  (We love you Lori 🙂 ).



  • Dennis Wood says:

    You’re so great, Amy! I love your posts. Somehow I just can’t picture you being irreverent. 😉 I’m curious if you have ever regretted being public about your ADD?

  • Brittany says:

    These kinds of posts are my favorite. I love hearing stories about your day and your life and your family.

    Glad you had a fun time with your daughter!

    As always, thanks for sharing.

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