Focus On Those Ones

For the last several months my husband and I have been working round the clock to help our son and his wife to redo a home they recently bought so they can hurry and get moved in before their next baby (my second grandbaby) is born this summer. We’ve poured our hearts and soul into trying to make everything look amazing for this house that will become the home our grand-kids grow up in and it’s really shaping up.

The exterior of the home was a multi-color brick that was really dated looking so we decided we’d brighten it up by having it painted white and having the trim painted black. The white paint made a huge difference and the house really looks so much better now. However, the rooftop shingles of the house are all in different colors – some black, some red, some brown – and now that the house is white the multi-color roof is a lot more obvious.

As we were working on the house over last weekend and were out hanging new exterior lights, one of the neighbors came outside and she commented on how nice the house was looking from all the fixes we’d made. She and I stood talking about the different upgrades we’d done and I mentioned that I really wished the roof had all black shingles instead of multi-color ones that it has as that would look so much better. In response to my comment she said the most awesome thing ever – she said, “Just focus on the black shingles and then you’ll see it looks great!”

I loved her response! And I immediately knew I was going to have to share it in a blog. Her simple words taught me the best lesson. Here I was staring at this house that now looked a million times better than it had before and all I was seeing was the multi-colored shingles on the roof that I didn’t like instead of appreciating how great all the changes we had made were looking. She was so right – I had the choice to focus on what I did like – I just needed to make it.

Choose to focus on what you do like. Everything looks better that way 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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  • Sakshi says:

    Thanks I loved reading it. More often than not we forget to see the bigger picture. You have reminded me to focus on what’s intended to be focused on.

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