Focus On What You Can Control

“One of the happiest moments ever, is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change.”

There are a million aspects to life that are out of our control. And focusing on things you can’t control is absolutely pointless…no matter how much you focus on them you can’t control them so why waste the energy?

Success comes when we stop worrying about those factors and things that are out of our control and instead focus our attention on all those things we can control.  You can’t control the outcome of a situation but you can control your effort, so focus entirely on your efforts. Some examples to illustrate this are:

You can’t control how someone else feels about you but you can control how you feel about others, so focus entirely on treating others with love and acceptance.

You can’t control if a customer will buy your product but you can control how you represent your product, so focus entirely on presenting the product well and promptly following through with the customers.

You can’t control if your business will succeed or fail but you can control your efforts, so focus entirely on working hard and being dedicated to the business and treat your customers with honesty and respect.

You can’t control if your superiors at work will treat you well but you can absolutely control giving 100% in the job you were hired to do, so focus entirely on going the extra mile and doing everything in your power to do a great job.

You can’t control if you will live or die tomorrow but you can control the way you live today, so focus entirely on being a person who puts their heart into every minute they live so you won’t have any regrets when your time actually comes.

By focusing our attention on the things we can control in life, such as the person we will be, the integrity we will have, the love we will give, the way we will serve, the knowledge we will gain, the kindness we will show, the faith we will have, the attitude we will carry, the character we will exhibit, the relationships we will build, the thanks we will give, the gratitude we will show, the impact we can have….focusing our attention on all of these things will ensure that we build something that no one can ever take away. It ensures that we will have something that money cannot buy; something that exceeds any financial gain. It ensures that our lives will be successful beyond measure.

For me I think of it like this: If I can focus my attention on being the very best me that I can possibly be, with the very best me being defined as being that “me” that I believe God sees I am capable of being, if I can focus on being “that me” than success will come in every aspect of my life. And that kind of success will be controllable, consistent, and unchanging. That kind of success will last forever.

Have an amazing day everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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