“Forget the Forecast, Live Like’s It’s Spring.”

80 degrees last week, snow today…?!  What the heck?!  Since when does it snow on spring break?  Yikes!

I love springtime and I have been so looking forward to sunshine, flowers, blossoms…did I say sunshine? All I know it that sunshine makes me so happy! I agree with Robin Williams quote:

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party’.”

So it’s definitely a bummer when you look out your window and see snowflakes coming down like crazy. But I suppose it’s a good analogy of what like is like….some days you have sunshine and then all of the sudden from nowhere it starts raining and snowing…and when it does we only have a few choices, we can shut down and lock ourselves inside until the rain or snow stop, we can grab a coat and umbrella and head outside and not let it slow us down, or we can run outside in the rain and jump in the mud puddles and build a snowman.  It’s up to us how we decide to face the rain and the snow that falls into our lives…it’s all a matter of how we choose to think about it…we can focus on the bad or we can choose to see the good…so as I look out my window at the falling snow I will no longer focus on the lack of sunshine and the freezing flower buds and instead I will focus on the beautiful and much needed moisture it is bringing with it…which will mean more water for the lakes, which will mean better boating for the summer when the sun finally comes out to play…you see, it’s all good 🙂  !

Idea of the day:  While we all wait for sunshine, decide to be the sunshine in someone else’s life.



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