Fun Ideas for Freaking Out Trick-or-Treater’s on Halloween

First I have to admit that there is little I enjoy LESS than the repeated doorbell ringing on the night of Halloween when you have to walk through the house for the ten millionth time to open the door and pass out candy.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy seeing all the cute little kids with their cute little costumes, because I totally do…it’s just the fact that the doorbell rings and you give candy and then you wait for a moment to see if the next trick-or-treater isn’t far behind, but no one appears to be coming, so you lay down your candy and finally decide to go to the other room and then just as you get there DING DONG – it goes off again and you stand up and head back across to the front door, give out the candy….wait for a moment for the next trick-or-treater…get bored…walk away….DING DONG…You get the picture. 

So in order to help entertain myself this year, along with any of you that suffer from the same dread of passing out candy that I have, I decided to look for fun ideas that you can use to entertain yourself on Halloween night during the candy giving rituals…

  1.  One of my favorite things we did to entertain ourselves one year was to have Rollin dress up like a really scary scarecrow and he sat on the porch as if he was a stuffed person and not real just waiting on a chair.  Then when the kids rang the doorbell he would jump up and scare them to death.  It was incredibly fun to peek through the window and see.
  2. Another thing we do is have one person play the look-out and just as trick-or-treaters are coming close we hold down our door intercom and scream bloody murder.  That always makes for a good scream on the other side of the door from the kids approaching.
  3. Another good one is to have your husband or wife wait outside in a black cloak, hidden.  Then when the trick-or-treaters ring the bell and are busy taking candy from you at the door, your spouse sneaks up right behind them and just stands there quietly behind their backs – they will be paying attention to the candy so they won’t notice.  Then you thank them and close the door as if nothing is up and when they turn to walk away they will freak out to see the person in the black cloak standing behind them.
  4. Another funny trick is to cover your face and shirt with chocolate and then have an empty bowl of nothing but candy wrappers in it (as if you ate it all) and when you open the door look down at the bowl in a guilty way and say “sorry…we gave it all away”..then you could do a fake burp for added effect of your prank and act embarrassed. 😉
  5. Another fun idea is to go get a Piñata and tie it above your front door.  When the trick-or-treaters show up hand them a stick and tell them the only way to get the candy is to hit and break the piñata.  Don’t forget to blindfold them first.  One hit each.  Tell the kids that “No breaking the piñata=no candy for them”. But then really give them a candy from the bowl even if they don’t break open the piñata just so they won’t egg your house or something.  Then if someone does break open the piñata let them have a ton of the candy.  It will add a little excitement to the night.
  6. Okay now here is my favorite and I really want my husband to do this tonight.  Take an old small card table or a large cardboard box that could look like a table.  Cut a hole in the top big enough to fit a hand through (if you want to get even scarier you can cut the hole big enough to fit a head through but I will talk about the hand example for this). Now cover it with a table cloth and cut a hole in that, also to fit a hand through. Now find a big plastic bowl and cut a hole in that to fit a hand through.  Put the table out on the front porch covered with your table cloth with the big candy bowl on top.  Have your spouse get inside the box or under the table so they are hidden and have them put their hand through the hole in the box and the hole in the table cloth and the hole in the candy bowl.  So now their hand is sitting inside the candy bowl.  Fill the bowl with enough candy to cover their hand.  Now sit quietly and when the trick-or-treaters arrive at the door tell them they can grab candy from the bowl.  As they do your spouse will shoot their hand up to grab the trick-or-treaters hand and they will completely freak out!  This one is an awesome scary idea so I totally want to try it this year.


I realize some people might think these ideas are juvenile and scary, but the fact is they are also entertaining for a mom who has A.D.D and who must be entertained by something if she is to keep her sanity for the hours on end of passing out candy to the kiddies. 

I hope all of you have an amazing Halloween and I hope none of you were too cool to dress up in a costume, because we always dress up at our house and our office because we think that it’s the truly cool people who are confident enough to wear a costume and still be able to know how cool they actually are J.

Happy Halloween!!



  • Brittany says:

    These all sound so awesome! I loved when people did stuff like this when I was little.
    I live in Sanpete and last year we only had 2 or 3 trick-or-treaters. I was so disappointed.
    I understand the safety side of trunk-or-treating at the schools and churches but I sure miss good ol’ fashioned door-to-door trick-or-treating!

    I hope you get plenty of trick-or-treaters!

  • Steph Featherstone says:

    Ha ha ha1 I love these ideas! I may have to try it this year, since we’ll probably actually get trick or treaters at my place. Lol.

  • Maria says:

    Be sure to be careful when acting as decoration on a porch. My dad did that one year and luckily put on sunglasses because you could see his eyes. A kid with a toy sword came and jabbed him in the eye hole of his mask. If he hadn’t had the sunglasses, he could’ve been seriously hurt! He jumped up so fast – I’m pretty sure that kid will never mess with someone’s decorations again!

  • Leta says:

    All excellent ideas! My daughter was terrified one year by a screen door that looked like it was closed until a wolf head mask came through the bottom portion next to where she was standing (she was 4 at the time) it took the neighbor 20 minutes to get her to come back up the porch and stop crying lol. She still has issues with werewolf masks … go figure 🙂

  • Kim says:

    I have had one the ideas happen to me when I was younger except it was two older friends at their house sitting on front porch and yes would scare the trick o treaters and let me tell you I knew it was them but still scared me….

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  • trick or treat creep says:

    ha check out this idea

    dress up as whatever then put a hole in it and cover it in red fake blood lay on your porch make sure all skin is covered then when they look at you and get the candy jump up

  • trick or treat creep says:

    look up halloween hexer

  • Ryan Howell says:

    I saw the “Hand In The Candy” prank somewhere on the Interwebs, too, and am SOOOO anxious to try it out. Everything’s set up and it’s only 12:30 pm! Good luck with the prank! 🙂

  • linda wagner says:

    When I was a little girl in ANN ARBOR,was ae house in the neighborhood you would walk up and ring their doorbellMichigan, someone in a costumecostume in the closet by the front door front door and opened on it’s own they probably had a string or wire to pull open from the closet in the front door thenFrankenstein walked out of the closet with a bowl of candyand all the furniture inthe background was covered in white sheets inside the their living room It was so thrilling to go to that house in sometimes we would double back and go again it was so much of a thrill

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