Getting Over The Fear Of Exercise – #TheStruggleIsReal

Anyone that knows me is aware that I do NOT like to exercise. In fact I often jokingly tell people that sweating is against my religion in attempt to avoid it.  You see, I am that girl that would rather diet than exercise any day of the week, which I fully admit is a terrible attitude to have, but I am all about honesty and that is simply the truth.

I think part of the reason I don’t like exercise is because I genuinely have a fear of exercising. I have a fear that if I start it I will have to maintain it…and the thought of that is terrifying!  It means I will have to add something else to my already crazy schedule. It feels like adding one more stress onto the pile. And it means I have to change into workout clothes and risk having other people notice all my unsightly bulges…yikes!  The thought is too much to endure!

That being said – I want to be better. I really do. I realize that exercise is incredibly important for my health, let alone being good for my weight.  And given that I want to live a long life so I can enjoy taking my future grandchildren boating and to Disneyland and on all kinds of exciting adventures with me, I have come to accept that I am going to have to get over my fear of exercise!

And so, as I do in all things in life, I find someone I can look to as an example who excels in their field. When I thought about who I admire as an expert in exercise, Heidi Pestana was the first person that came to mind. Heidi is like the queen of exercising in my book! The woman is an exercise machine! She has six packs for days…literally… I don’t know anyone who is as passionate and dedicated to exercising as she is, and what amazes me is that she genuinely and truly seems to LOVE it! In addition, she also really loves helping other people find a love for it.

The other day Heidi sent me a link to her new website called where she allows anyone to sign up to receive a daily workout routine emailed right to them – and it’s totally free! It reminded me that we are never too old to start getting in shape…

As much as I admittedly hate exercising I am going to give a few of her exercises a try. At least the easier ones…baby steps people…baby steps… I may never have a six pack like Heidi but maybe her routines can help me can get a little less jiggle in my wiggle  🙂

Take a second to check out her website because everyone knows that misery loves company and if I am going to try exercising then it would be nice to know everyone else will be out there doing it right along with me 😉

Have a great day!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Jane says:

    To avoid having to take prescription drugs for as long as possible, I started exercising August 18, 2016 and whether at home or traveling I have missed only 3 days total since then. I use Beachbody because they have a wide variety of workouts available ondemand that I can view on my laptop. I am also a member of a Facebook group – clearlyI am at least 35 years older than all the women in the group but we keep each other accountable. I have a very tiny budget and the thought of having to spend money on medicine is just too much for me to bear. So exercise it is. Besides, God decided at creation that we only get one body and it’s up to us to take care of it. I hear you about the one more thing to do – but I get up an hour earlier than before so I can fit in exercise and time with God before the rest of my world is awake.

  • Jessica Devenish says:

    I swear every day I read your blog… and I don’t even write blogs LOL .
    And BAM you’re inside my brain. Quotes, beliefs, experiences AND NOW THIS… My Goodness!

    Well thank you, for sharing. Thank you for the insight from businesswoman to businesswoman (although I’ve never sold a company for millions of dollars). Thank you for the validation that I’m not alone, or all the way crazy anyway.

    Keep it coming. #bloggervirgin #sistertosister #

  • Heather Vogeley says:

    LOVE working out! Always have. I do HIIT training 3-4 times a week with a group. And another day with a personal trainer.

    People guess I am 10 years younger than I am. My trainer thought so to. He kept putting me in groups of people in their 20s. At 49 I was leaving them in the dust!

    Endorphins rule!

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