Greater Than Our Fears, Our Doubts, Our Anxieties

All of us have moments of fear, doubt, anxiety, and loneliness in our lives. Some battle it only occasionally while others may deal with it on an ongoing basis, but I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t dealt with those emotions in their life.  One of the most powerful talks on this subject was given by a man I have the utmost respect for and who I look to as a trusted mentor and amazing example both in business and in life. In this talk he reminds us of the following regarding Jesus Christ’s love for each of us:

“His love is greater than our fears, our wounds, our addictions, our doubts, our temptations, our sins, our broken families, our depression and anxieties, our chronic illness, our poverty, our abuse, our despair, and our loneliness.  He wants all to know there is nothing and no one He is unable to heal and deliver to enduring joy. …His grace is sufficient. He alone descended below all things. The power of His Atonement is the power to overcome any burden in our life.”  – Robert C. Gay

What a great reminder that there is no burden so heavy or sadness so deep we can’t overcome it with the help of Christ. In the footnotes of that same talk he shared another incredibly powerful quote from Neal A. Maxwell which reads:

“When in situations of stress we wonder if there is any more in us to give, we can be comforted to know that God, who knows our capacity perfectly, placed us here to succeed.”

We were each born with specific talents and abilities that were custom chosen for us to help us succeed. So on those days we get discouraged or feel down, its important to remind ourselves that every struggle and challenge we face CAN be overcome. Because we were literally designed to succeed! How AWESOME is that?!!!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life

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