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Handsome Is As Handsome Does

I first read the saying “Handsome is as handsome does” in a book I was reading during my teenage years.  For some reason the phrase impacted me and stuck with me over the years.  It was a reminder that true beauty is something that emulates from the inside out…

To prove this fact one can simply think of someone you once met that blew you away with their physical attractiveness at first impression. Then slowly as you got to know the person’s personality, unfortunately their physical beauty faded because of negative traits about them.  Over time you stop seeing the physical beauty at all.  Sometimes in extreme cases a person can even become physically unattractive to you all together, despite their exterior features.

Now take the opposite situation, where you meet someone and their physical appearance makes no special impact on you.  Then over time as you get to know the person and their personality slowly starts to make their physical beauty increase tremendously.  Their outer features appear more appealing and attractive because of their inner beauty radiating externally.

Both examples prove that Handsome Is Genuinely As Handsome Does.

And who doesn’t want to be more beautiful on the outside?!?  I would guess all of us would like that.  So based on the examples above it would show us that we do have the ability to enhance our appearance without needing to get nips and tucks of the surgical kind!  If we want to improve our outer beauty we just need to work on having more inner beauty and the result will be better than any face cream could ever provide!!!

I have the perfect real life example of this saying:  Tonight my husband and I attended an assembly at the high school where my daughter was nominated as Homecoming Queen for her school and she has been voted as one of the three finalists for the position, with a final choice to be announced this Friday night at the Homecoming Football game.  When she walked onto the stage in her beautiful gown she looked absolutely stunning.  She didn’t have a stich of makeup on and her dress was very modest (by her own choosing…”modest is hottest” is her favorite tagline).  She wasn’t following the norms of enhancing outer beauty by showing extra skin or packing on the makeup, yet she was absolutely drop dead gorgeous because her inner beauty radiated so much that you couldn’t help but be taken in by her.   I am really proud of the beautiful young woman she has become.  I realize you might think I am biased because I am her mother, so to prove the point I thought I would share some photos of her at the event.  She is the one in the red dress.  That’s my baby :)!

The Three Homecoming Queen Finalists.  Ashley is on the left in the red dress.

The Three Homecoming Queen Finalists. Ashley is on the left in the red dress.

Proud Mama loving her baby girl

Proud Mama (still sporting a black eye) loving her baby girl. Like I said – she radiates beauty from the inside out.

Today’s challenge is to be more beautiful on the inside and let it radiate through your beauty on the outside.



  • David clarkson says:

    Don’t know why I ended up here , just googled a few words I like , and here I am , what a privilege to have read your lovely story , thank you for sharing … Ps. You and your lovely daughter have that special Glow around you … God bless

  • David clarkson says:

    Sorry my manners … David from Scotland

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