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Happy Pioneer Day Utahns!

Today is actually an official state holiday here in Utah, even though we don’t get the day off here at MCG :(.   But I do want to wish everyone in Utah a very happy Pioneer Day and for those who don’t know what Pioneer Day is about, I will tell you…

July 24th, 1847 is the day that the Pioneers first arrived to settle Utah! The day is to celebrate the settling of the state of Utah and it is celebrated each year with parades and fireworks and rodeos and many other fun activities. The pioneers that came to Utah faced tremendous hardships to get to the state. They traveled with handcarts across the plains and many of them lost children, spouses, siblings as they made their way to Utah. They faced attacks by mobs and they faced snow storms and starvation. The stories from the journals of the pioneers are stories of tremendous faith and perseverance. If you want to see an awesome movie about the pioneers I would highly recommend the movie “17 Miracles” which is out on DVD now. It is an amazing movie and watching it will touch your heart tremendously.

On a fun personal note, I got Dalton’s letter today and he is doing fabulous! I am so proud of him. He said it is tough some days but he is dedicated and working hard. I love getting his letters!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and enjoy Pioneer Day!


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