Have We Done Enough To Make It On Santa’s Nice List This Year?

I distinctly remember as a kid the fear I had of doing something bad that would cause me to get put on Santa’s naughty list. I think most kids, from a very young age, are fully knowledgeable about Santa’s Naughty and Nice list that he uses to determine whether he will be bringing them presents or giving them a lump of coal…and let’s face it…what little kid wants to get a lump of coal over a present?

Which leads to the question we probably ought to be asking ourselves as we approach the end of this year and soon Christmas Day – “Have we done enough to make it on Santa’s nice list this year?”

Perhaps this is a good time to look back at our year of 2017 and really think about the positive things we have done this year that would put us on Santa’s nice list…the acts of service we have performed…the people we have forgiven…the love we have shown…

And as much as we hate doing it, we ought also to also look back our year and really think about the negative things we have done that might have put us on Santa’s naughty list …the feelings we may have hurt…the mistakes we have made without rectifying what we could…the harsh words we may have spoken…the things we ought to have done for others but didn’t…

And then we should figure out what we need to do to quickly fix anything on the Naughty List so we can move it to the Nice List.  Cause even as an adult I doubt any of us would want to be on Santa’s Naughty List and receive just a lump of coal for Christmas  (unless of course that coal has been compressed long enough to become a diamond 🙂 …just sayin’ ).   There is no time to delay people – we’ve only got a few more days left so let’s be sure and make them count!


~Amy Rees Anderson

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