“He’s not only reading your story, He wrote it.”

“What you and I might rate as an absolute disaster, God may rate as a pimple-level problem that will pass. He views your life the way you view a movie after you’ve read the book. When something bad happens, you feel the air sucked out of the theater. Everyone else gasps at the crisis on the screen. Not you. Why? You’ve read the book. You know how the good guy gets out of the tight spot. God views your life with the same confidence. He’s not only read your story…he wrote it. ”                                     – Max Lucado

This quote brings tremendous peace when we go through during difficult times in our life. It reminds us that we have limited perspective on the truly big picture God has in store for us. It helps us realize that what seems hard right now may be, in fact, a ginormous blessing to us later. And it gives us faith that it will all turn out okay in the end because God knows where he is taking us and He knows it we will LOVE it when we get there.

It’s no fun to go through hard things. It’s a bummer when things don’t go the way we want them to. It’s scary to go through difficult circumstances. It’s painful to suffer loss. But all of those things are what help us grow and become stronger. All of those things make us into someone who is a better person.

Have faith and don’t ever give up hope. Great things are still to come. How do I know that? Because the author of your story only writes AMAZING books 🙂

Have a great day!


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