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How Can I Possibly Be Turning 49??!!

How can I possibly be turning 49 years old tomorrow!!?? Here I thought I was going to be turning 48 tomorrow until my husband reminded me I am actually going to be 49…What?!!?!! How did I miss a year from my life??? I can’t possibly be turning 49 because that would mean I’m only one year away from the big “5-0” when people are said to be “over the hill”.  

Oh the irony of all the years growing up we can’t wait for our next birthday to arrive…then one year we find out our birthday is coming up and we are like “Woooooaaaaahhhhhh….easy now…no need to be rushing things….” And instead of wanting to be old enough to get our driver’s license all we want is to stay young enough to be able to still see enough to safely keep driving…sigh… To all you young people reading this blog trust me when I tell you to enjoy being the age you are because soon enough you’re going to need so many candles on your birthday cakes that people will give up trying and just buy two numbered candles instead…

Maybe I can convince my family to call this my 48+1 birthday just to give me a little more time to emotionally accept that I’m turning 49.  Or even better, maybe I can convince them that I’m really just 18 with 31 years of experience.  Or perhaps I ought to embrace the fact that I’m turning 49 and tell myself that if turning age 50 makes one over the hill then turning 49 must make me on top of the world!!!  Yeah….let’s go with that one…

Live each day as if you are on top of the world.  And to help me celebrate my birthday do me the favor of eating a delicious piece of cake in whatever safe socially distanced location you happen to be in and maybe even do a little happy birthday dance because you know how much I love the gift of a good dance party  🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )


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