How Far You’ll Go

Just how much are we capable of doing in our life? Just how far in life are we able to go?  The answer to those questions will depend on what we ourselves determine we are willing to do. How big are we willing to make our dreams? How hard are we willing to work? How much adventure are we willing to embark on? How much faith will we have in what awaits us just beyond what we can see?

In Disney’s movie Moana she sings a song called “How Far I’ll Go” where she sings of being drawn to see what is waiting for her to discover if she is just willing to go out beyond where the sky meets the sea. It’s such a great inspirational song that reminds us to consider what amazing things we might discover we are capable of if we will just push ourselves to see how far we can go.

Here is an amazing real life music video created of the Moana song “How Far I’ll Go” that was filmed at the Polynesian Culture Center in Oahu, which is one of our favorite places to visit (we were just there last Christmas vacation).

No one knows how far you’ll go, not even you, and there’s no telling how far you’ll go unless and until you are willing to dream BIG,  and set lofty goals that will help you accomplish those big dreams, and then get yourself moving…aiming at that place where the sky meets the sea…when you do that you’ll see just how far you’ll go…

~Amy Rees Anderson

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