How Wonder Woman Helped Me Make Millions

I still remember watching the Wonder Woman series on television as a little girl. The series began when I was just four years old and the series ran until I was eight years old. I remember each week how excited I would be to watch the next episode. She was the most amazing superhero I had ever seen and I decided then and there that I was going to be her when I grew up.

There were so many things about Wonder Woman that I admired:

* Wonder Woman worked hard to become who she was. She wasn’t the result of some science experiment gone wrong like so many of the other super heroes were, she actually trained hard while growing up on Paradise Island to learn how to use all those weapons and to do all those physical stunts that eventually would help her take out all the bad guys. She put her heart into everything she tried and gave it 110%.

* She was beautiful on the outside but she was humble and modest and she never considered herself better than anyone else. She was far more concerned with staying beautiful on the inside.

* She was willing to stand for truth and justice in every situation, even when it meant she had to stand alone. She had absolute integrity and was never afraid to speak the truth. She was fearless about defending truth and right.

* She was incredibly patriotic. She loved her country and she worked hard to defend it against all evils that threatened to destroy it.

* She was amazingly strong, yet she was always graceful and elegant and at all times acted like a true lady.

* She had unquestionable power, yet she remained very modest about it.

* She never let her fears stop her or get in her way. She took on whatever challenge she was faced with and when she didn’t know exactly how to handle something she would just figure it out.

* She was loving toward everyone and she truly cared for other people. She was never too busy to help someone in need.

* She was constantly striving to promote peace and goodwill toward all.

* She fought the bad guys but always first weapon of choice was to help convince the bad guys to do the right thing. She had a way of helping people remember that they knew better and they should be better. She was so inspiring that she made others want to be better people.

* She was always happy, even when circumstances were bad. She showed people that happiness is a choice.

* And finally, she had fabulous fashion sense. Whether it was her business suit and glasses, or her famous superhero costume, or her scuba diving suit, or her motorcycle outfit, or her military uniform, or one of her evening gowns…each outfit was always perfectly put together. And let’s face it, how could you not love a woman who wears satin tights while fighting for our rights 🙂

It was because of Wonder Woman’s example that I grew up trying hard to exemplify her qualities that I so admired. Whenever I was afraid I would close my eyes and pretend to turn into her and then I was able to set aside my fears and move forward, finding ways to handle the seemingly impossible business challenges that came along my way with courage and integrity and strength. I put a Wonder Woman Barbie doll on my desk at work and I began collecting other Wonder Woman paraphernalia to surround myself with so I would have constant reminders that I could be Wonder Woman whenever I needed to be. And that ability to become Wonder Woman whenever I needed to helped me to become a successful entrepreneur. And that is how Wonder Woman helped me make millions.

And so I hope that every man and woman out there will make sure that their daughters, and sisters, and female friends get exposed to the magic of Wonder Woman and all that she represents. Whether you have them watch the TV series from back in the 70’s, or the Wonder Woman movie coming to theaters on June 2nd (which I am so excited about I can hardly stand it!) just make sure they get to know Wonder Woman and make sure they understand that they too can become Wonder Woman whenever they need to.

I am forever grateful for the influence that Wonder Woman has had on my life.

~Amy Rees Anderson


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  • Jane says:

    I’m sending this to a friend who is a very successful business coach and consultant. One of the exercises she has her clients perform is identifying with someone or a character who they can become when faced with insurmountable circumstances. I don’t get how it works, but it must because you are proof.

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